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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by deadmonkey, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked guys but where can i go or what websites can i go to for tax free motorbikes and to find out about buying bikes whilst out in Germany?
  2. I've bought two so far whilst in Germany - both Triumph and both far cheaper tax free from a German dealer than a UK one. Best thing to do is go to any UK dealer get a tax free price (vast majority will sell tax free) and then see what German dealers will offer you. With the drop in euros to the pound (the usual 1.3ish to 1 down to nigh on 1 to 1) the advantage of buying in Germany may have gone. For example, the new Triumph Scrambler is now over £1000 cheaper in the UK than Germany.

    There are very few differences between German/UK spec bikes apart from the clocks but this may put you off so maybe you would be better going to a UK dealer.

    If you want a really good deal, get an ex-demo (already heavily discounted) tax free and sometimes with only a few hundred miles on it!!!
  3. Thanks for that! so you just go to the dealer and ask for a tax free price?
  4. Dont forget the headlights which on some bikes are expensive

    Mine was 350 quid to change :x
  5. You can go to any dealer but some will have no experience of the system and may chose not to sell you a tax free vehicle. In general Uk prices are lower at the moment but do check.

    Headlights no trouble unless you have a fully faired bike with fancy lights, fit an aftermarket generic headlight, keeping the original somewhere safe until you return to UK.

    If you intend to return the bike to UK and sell it, I would advise getting a UK bike as some buyers will be wary and the value will be lower on a continental bike.
  6. You will get better help from main dealers than say George whites etc.
    I had a Suzuki & a BMW, both from main dealers.
    get the euro lights from a dealer in Germany, or Taz motorcycles provided my Gixer lights for about £100, they used to tae them off the euro imports