Tax fine for not registering car in BFG

Can anyone steer me in the right direction, I think I am on the right forum.
My son is a serving soldier in Germany. Last November he bought a car tax free in the Uk and exported it to Germany by the end of that month as required.
He then went on excercise and then on a driving course in the UK. The car remained on camp in Germany.
He failed to complete the required BFG paperwork and has now been interviewed by someone from customs and has recieved a bill for 1800 euros.
He has been back in the UK since May this year (the car is still off the road in Germany) attached to a different regiment.
A big pile of mail has been delivered to him (I haven't seen this yet)with some rather nasty letters from the authorities.
The car has only ever been used to drive to Germany and not since.
Does anyone know if there is an appeals process, should he have been notified of the risk of not doing the paperwork (he did ensure the car was out of the UK before the end of November), if he coughs up the levy will this mean the car is tax paid and can then be sold in the UK.
I will hopefully get sight of the paperwork this weekend and will post my findings.
The long and the short of it is he can't afford the levy and the loan. I know, I know, he is a complete kn*b.
Cheers in anticipation, Headgash.
BFG standing orders state that you must BFG register your vehicle within 30 days of arrival in Germany. Before you are able to register your vehicle with the British Forces Germany Vehicle Licensing Office (BFG VLO), you will need to obtain an Import Licence (BFG Form 80) from Customs & Immigration. This can be obtained by submitting BFG form 60 to Customs and Immigration. Form 60 is available through your local BFG Registration Office.

That's probably why! No request for an import licence maybe triggers some cogs! Did he also complete the pink log book tear off slip and send it back to the registration office.

Don't be surprised if he also gets put in front of the 'old man' for breaking BFG Standing Orders!
He failed to register the vehicle in the required time so it is still a UK car, therefore he has to pay the tax. If he is found to be stupid as well he could be charged and fined!
Ok, thanks for that. I can't wait to see the letters that have stacked up for him from his home regiment...................boys eh, who'd av em!
Biscuits_AB said:
Michael Jackson?
Stop it Biscuits.......... wrong forum 8O

However I cannot believe his mom is doing his mail and it will be funny as hell when she marches in on CO’s with him :lol:

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