Tax Credits and The Army

After a particularly prosperous year ( LSA, Unpleasant living, commital bonus, op allowance) my income was a lot higher than the payband and a bit extra I added on that I declared. Consequently my tax credits (4 kids - I do have a tv! just twins came along) has dropped substantially.
This year I wont get any of these bonuses apart from a bit of LSA. Do I have any come back on this as obviously this year I will suffer only probably to be owed next year and it to go up. I tried to explain this over the phone and to appeal I need to write and was looking for any financial wizards to tell me that I am wasting my time, or any paperwork available through the Army I can quote or who I should see.
Also if Op allowance is tax free should that be included???
I have never had any problems previously so have never given it much thought.
Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.
As far as I am concerned you do not include any 'allowances' as income, this includes LSA, LOA etc.

The only income you will have is Basic Pay and any Specialist Pay.

That is the only things that are used when calculating your income for Court Martial Paperwork so that is my reasoning behind my comments.
same as above never included any add ons when we claimed it, just give them your flat wage.

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