Tax Credits and Child Allowance

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by STABALTERN69, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. My wife and I are expecting our babies in March and information seems somewhat sparse in relation to what we are entitled too as far as Tax Credits and Child Allowance goes, therefore I was wondering if anyone had anymore information aside from the very limited calculators that you get on the IR Website. I am a Higher Band Tax Payer and my wife is not. Not withstanding the current situation with regard to a change in legislation. It would be great to know what we need to do as parents and if we can be a little proactive before the arrival of our new additions.

    Mods please feel free to move if I am posting in the wrong place.
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  2. Poor effort 1/10.
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  3. What a witty and erudite post NS123

  4. Yep, must be hell not having untold health visitors/midwifes/other expentant mums/new mums and the interweb to get info from?

    I called wah as I found it hard to believe that someone in the 'higher tax bracket' and with a forced posh stlye of writing - minus paragraphs - didn't have what it took to find out what they needed to know just a few months away from the birth of their children....sorry 'our children' and had to come on this site.

    Try the families or rear party tabs on the top of this page.....just maybe there's someone there with recent knowledge?

    Just a thought.

    Let me guess that you're RLC?.....Does your batman still wipe your arrse?
  5. Your quite correct it is hell, hence the question. If memory serves me correctly there was a thread about the "Joys of having Children" or words to that effect and normally contributors are quite forthcoming in offering advice. I was obviously very wrong to have assumed that someone on here might be able to offer a few sage words.

    It seems to be somewhat of a trend that asking a question or advice is a bit of a red rag to the bull, wouldn't you say!!!

    And there was me, thinking that I had posted this query in the right area!
  6. CAB. That's what they're there for
  7. I was bored so I checked out of curiousity, googling tax credits got me to an HMRC questionnaire that stated if your combined income is over £41,300 PA you don't qualify and its on a sliding scale below that. Wasn't particularly difficult.

    I'd imagine if you googled it and filled out the same online questionnaire you could get a more accurate answer, based on your circumstances.
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  8. Ah, I can see where you went wrong.

    Amazingly another 30 seconds of effort would have likely led you to the correct site/tab/etc to find out the info on something as important as the financial aspect of bringing up your own children

    ......but you just couldn't be bothered.

    Lots of people use this site to ask genuine questions after their own efforts have failed to find the answer...and I don't mean 'Oh, I'll take the time to log into ARRSE but not a few seconds longer to look for the info myself' type people.

    There's been a few recent wahs, and as mentioned, it seemed that your's was another one, for the reasons that i've given. I mean why take answers from a stranger? - when you have the same access to info as they have?

    Anyone who is deemed genuine, by me at least, is provided with plenty of help and advice if I have it....but lazy sods aren't.

    Hope that you do put more effort in once the children are actually born.

    Good luck.
  9. It used to be £10.45 a week tax credits for incomes up to £55,000 plus child benefit.It could of changed but the sites I have found are fairly accurate on what you can claim.
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