I saw this post by an ex-soldier on another forum. I know the guy concerned and know he receives a disability pension as a result of an IRA bomb which has left him deaf and with other injuries. This is his post:

Just let you all know there is a email message going round to ex military personel from the Inland revenue and customs office. I had one every week asking for my details as I had been found to be due tax back for £378.58, as they asked for military details then bank details includeing credit card details ,I contacted the local Tax Office to ask about the details required.
They said they have had a number of calls as people had sent the forms back then found amounts missing, as they gave the correct phone number to check except it had a 02 at the front of it.
The email has all the correct headings
HM Revenue & Customs
Tax returns for exmilitary individuals-2008-2009
The 3 lads that I have spoke to all had their Tax Back forms done by LLoydsTSB, which is who do mine
This, to me, is extremely worrying as it involves military information and persec. Has anyone else come across this?
Not that particular one asking about military details, but the rest of it's the sameeven down to the amount due back . I checked on Snopes only to find it's a'phishing trip'
I had it mailed to me, deleted it as soon as they ask for bank details and mothers maiden name ie the info required to clone your account.

Have they received the money?

btw mine was sent by a craig david, and all the links direct you to completing the form and not to the website
I have just returned from a meeting/training session with HMRC concerning completeing self assesment for the self employed.

The tutor stated that they do not ask for bank details by email, If they want that info they will write to you by post (snail mail).

If you are paying them anything from a bank account by direct debit i.e. class 2 or class 4 National Insurance etc, they already have your details and would not need to ask for them again.

He also stated that people are receiving email from crooks (using copy and pasted HMRC forms by email) stating "You have a tax credit of £251-50 (for example) i.e. a believeable figure and asking for your bank details etc to credit your account.


Before responding to any email from HMRC, LOG OUT of your email account and open the HMRC own web site and see what they have to say about false email etc.

If unsure about any communication you recieve from HMRC, phone them using the numbers provided in the telephone book, not the phone numbers in the email/ letter.

If you have sent your details, responding to an email allegedy from HMRC, phone them and tell them, and also advise your bank.


If you have been scammed you may notice a number of small ammounts withdrawn which you can not account for, (they are testing the account), if you do not take action then, you will be wiped out a little later.

I seen it happen.
Just to confirm my last, HMRC will not write to you asking for your bank detail to refund you anything. They are the 'REVENUE' and tighter than an RAPC Pay SGT dealing with an F1771 claim or whatever replaced it!!

You only provide your account details when you write to them to authorise direct debits, i.e. you become self employed and you send them an CA5601 (FOR EXAMPLE), which you request from your tax office (in writing or in person) or via the numbers on the HMRC WEBSITE, website or by the telephone numbers in a phone book.

If you are serving, normally your tax is refunded in your pay, or tax code change.

If your 'ex'/retired etc, then your tax is normally dealt with the department that appears on your P60 or as shown on your pension advice paper work. (It does on mine).

HMRC are advising on thier website 'DO NOT TO RESPOND TO EMAILS OF THIS TYPE'.
Just another form of 'Phising' Email fishing for Stupid people who still believe in Santa Claus....

The UK Inland Revenue do not send out Emails advising people of Tax refunds. Nor does the US IRS do this. Anyone falling for these Spam Emails are not exactly the 'Sharpest Tool In the Box'.

Just delete them......... 8)

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