Tax back on GYH

I overheard yesterday that if any of your postings have been under 2 years and you were recieveing GYH during this time that you are eligible for a tax rebate. Is there any truth to this or were people just spinning crap dits??!! For info: I was recieving GYH from one unit between July 10 - Mar 12 then i was posted from Mar 12 - Sep 12 before being posted to my current unit. Obviously all the rates of GYH are different and they range from £100 - £245 per month. A tax rebate could be a decent sum so is it something my clerks would/should know about?? Any (constructive) replies welcome!
True, but not quite the way you put it.

As you were at what the taxman refers to as a temporary place of work, you can get tax relief on the journeys you made to and from your home.
Thanks joe that's good to know. Is this something I can do myself via jpa or will my clerks need to assist me?
You have to submit a self-assessed tax return using the HMRC website. Before you can do this, you need to register with them.

Once you have access, you will need your P60 for the relevant tax year (you can go back 5 years) as well as a note of the number of miles you travelled.

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