TAX BACK - Laundry, Polish etc

I am enquiring if anyone else has heard about TAX relief for serving soldiers to claim back TAX on Laundry and boot polish etc.
If anyone knows about it...How much can you claim back? and can you back date it?
As per a number of previous threads this is a bit of an urban myth (but with some truth in there somewhere). Latest update was a letter from HMRC about 2-3 months ago to the MOD:

Claims for Laundry Expenses and Military Haircuts

I refer to the substantial number of claims recently received from Service personnel for the cost of laundering uniforms, and for military haircuts.

The claims have been received from various Regiments throughout the U.K., so are not confined to any particular Regiments or geographical locations. The numbers received are considerable, and South Wales Area Service, which has responsibility for dealing with claims for expenses, is unable to deal with these on an individual basis. It would be greatly appreciated, therefore, if the Ministry of Defence could arrange for internal guidance to be issued to Service personnel advising that the claims will not be acknowledged or dealt with on an individual basis.

As you are aware, the question of tax relief for laundry expenses is currently under consideration. However, it may be some time before a decision is reached on this, and so I should be grateful if Service personnel are advised that the matter is under review, and that no claims will be admitted in the interim.

The question of tax relief for military haircuts is not under consideration. The position has always been that no tax relief is due for the cost of military haircuts. The expense is not incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties, as required under Section 336 Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003. This position has not altered, and I should be grateful if you could arrange for guidance to be issued which confirms this.
I tried a couple of years ago and got fobbed of and have yet to come across anyone who has succesfully claimed for this sort of thing. Please let us know if you have been successful and on what grounds.


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