Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nurse, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. has any one looked into the position of getting tax relief on all this kit we are buying to do our jobs?
  2. ;D

    Your uniform is provided by the FIRM!

    For that reason you cannot get tax back on things that you want to buy yourself. :'(
  3.         :D      the army supply all that is required for peace time and conflict..........

    it has all been tested and proven sutable.

    there is equipment for all areas of deployment free of charge ( on the first issue ).

    there for what you buy for your own creature comferts are at your exspense..............

    so could some one please explain why the kit we are issued is as much use as a choclate fire guard ????

    and why do we all buy eqpt that is more pratical to our area of work ???.............CS95 ??? my riker !!!

    early 90`s the 95 kit lasted, these days with so many changes with contracts you go to the store ( if open ! ) for trousers `95 85/96/104...........try them on and they dont even get over your thigh !!! same with combat assault boots, if your store can get any !
  4. exactly so to have kit that a>fits and b>is practical have you ever forked out your hard earned cash ?

    If yes should we not be able to claim it back as the army has not supplied us as its ment to?
  5. This is illogical... and you know it is !  :)

    The equipment provided is perfectly adequate. It may not be the best on the market but it will do the job... and at least you know it is safe which is more than be said for equipment bought outside the system.

    Suggesting tax relief for this type of activity is a non starter.
  6. I think tax relief or, in certain cases, a full refund is a valid request.

    Issue kit may well be 'perfectly adequate' (although there must be dozens of examples where this is definately not the case) but it is not always on the shelf.  

    I 'ordered' desert combats over two years ago = still waiting.

    I still cannot get replacement CS95 trousers.  This has been dragging on for over seven months. And don't give me some old crap about going to another stores to get it:  


    Rant over, goodnight! ;) [​IMG]
  7. This is an availability issue rather than useless kit one. Yes.. I agree that you should have been issued this equipment provided that you are eligible and you have a high priority. But..... this is not a point for tax relief.

    What we should have tax relief for is  . . . haircuts, serving overseas, LSAP and such like.

    Slightly off topic but servicemen need more incentives to serve in my view, such as greater discounts then there are at present in the Forces Discounts Brochure. 10% off is meaningless .. we need 50% and have similar discounts to any large business which these days ensures discounts of up to 40% for their employees. Also free or significantly reduced distance learning packages via the Open University for degrees and MBAs as the norm for all.
  8. Comparing the civvie business world to the mob, I reckon you would have a valid claim (after all, you don’t apply to the pay office for your tax rebate, you apply to the tax office).

    I issue my employees all of the necessary tools to do their jobs. However, some of them think that there are better pieces of gear out there, so they go and buy them. As these are the "tools" that are solely for business use, they have successfully claimed tax back on them.

    I would argue that you have exactly the same case as squaddies buying additional gear. It is solely for use in your job, therefore a tax rebate should be forthcoming.

    Forget asking the pay office, chuck a tenner a piece in and go and ask an accountant ;D
    Nice one ORG! Good point. :D ;)
  10. Couldn't agree more...and maybe throw in a 20-30% pay rise OR be given status of non tax-paying citizens.

    Recruiting/retention problem solved instantly.
  11. An excellent idea but I don't think you'll find many companies willing to offer 40 or 50% discounts (outside the pirates that rip the MOD off that is ;D).

    Most companies (mine included) only work on a maximum profit margin of 20%. I personally give the smelly squaddie types a 10% discount from our list prices, therefore meaning that the margin that I make just about covers the admin charge of selling the gear.

    Making the Forces a none tax paying body would be a much better idea as you would instantly lose 17.5% off any price offered.

    Oh, except the Crabs, I mark theirs up by 80%
  12. I would argue that you have exactly the same case as squaddies buying additional gear. It is solely for use in your job, therefore a tax rebate should be forthcoming.

    Forget asking the pay office, chuck a tenner a piece in and go and ask an accountant

    Sorry Chaps, tried that one when I had to shell out a months wages for a laptop to be able to keep up with all of the typewritten work that I have to do nowadays; and was most certainly not amply provided for by the MOD!!!!!!!
    Phoned both the VAT man and the Tax man and got a big red pill marked fcuk off from both of them.
    Their arguments were identical. The MOD provides you with everything that you need to do the job (honest!).
  13. I am afraid this is a non starter having fought a number of similar battles over the years, and been around this buoy a number of times. The Army provides you with adequate equipment to do your job and this can be proved. Yes... there might be better equipment in your opinion, available on the open market, but the bottom line is that HMG provide all the essential equipment you need.
  14. Look at what the Spams get:

    * Tax-free earnings when deployed on operations
    * ROTC scholarships that pay for between 40% and 100% of university fees ++
    * Decent PX services which eclipse NAAFI
    * Housing allowances for servicement posted overseas where service accommodation is not available (currently £1700 a month for London)+++
    * Consolidated pension rights for reserve service at a rate of 50% after a qualifying 12 year regular or 22 year reserve billet++++

    Not to mention a decent Veterans Association that fights for continued post-release support and political aims associated with the needs and interests of ex-servicemen above and beyond what the RBL currently do (as the RBL are a charity they are barred from political lobbying).


    ++ The army Cadetship has now been abolished and replaced with an "updated" bursary at a time when fees are increasing, not decreasing. Many OCdts are now going to RMAS up to £10K in debt where they used to go with a small balance having been funded with LEA grant and Bursary or Cadetship. Although most US universities can charge up to $30-45K p.a. the ROTC scholarships will cover part or all of these fees.

    +++ Based on the housing allowances paid to accompanied staff officers at O4 (SO3 equivalent) at CINCNAVEUR London HQ

    ++++ Enlisted/Officers who serve 12 years as a regular can continue to accrue pension if they serve as a reservist at a rate of 1 year pension for every 2 years served up to manadatory retirement age for their rank. Enlisted/Officers who serve 22 years as a reservist are entitled to a pension equivalent to a max of 40% of their regular equivalent subjetc to certain conditions.
  15. I agree that the US do far more for the regular and reservists soldiers than we do, which is a great shame. There is a greater understanding of the military there which may in part be due to the large size of their Army. Also conscription has just ended and so a large percentage of the population know and understand the Army.

    This does not alter the fact though (which is a great shame) that the Inland Revenue will not give tax conscessions to the Army for equipment, haircuts or anything similar. This government (and indeed any government), are always looking for extra ways to raise revenue rather than give conscessions. Sorry.. but we are where we are.