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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by trailape, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. A mate came back in to work today after serving on a Tri-Service posting asking why we dont claim for washing our uniforms because the RAF and Navy apperently do. Anyone out there able to shed some light on this.
  2. Funnily enough, recieved an email today of a letter that has been written on the very same subject, claiming £145 per annum for laundry expenses. Not sure where the person got their info though I am sure there must have been a few ppl recieve the same lettr as the address list was pretty large. Someone trying to get us to realise we are yet again been ripped off at our own expence or an elaborate wind up......Theres got to be a loophole somewhere for the army to grab onto tho
  3. Send this off:-

    HM Revenue and Customs
    South Wales Area Service
    Ty Glas
    CF14 5YA 29 Mar 2007




    I have been employed as a member of the Regular Armed Forces since *** **** and am obliged to launder the uniforms supplied to me by the MoD at my own expense. I therefore wish to claim for the agreed laundry allowance at the rate of £140 per annum for the last six years under the statute of limitations.

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Yours faithfully,

    SIG Block
  4. This has to be a wah!

    Or am I missing the opportunity to get more than a grand of free cash?
  5. You decide.....
  6. If it is a Wah then it will have to go down as one of the all time greats . :D :D :D
  7. This is not an Army allowance, hence you are not advised on it by RAO staff. Tax issues are a personal matter and not for us (SPS) to advise on as we are not trained in them. It doesn't seem unreasonable though to have a punt along with claiming tax relief on Mess subscriptions (seeing as membership is compulsory).

    This looks promising.
  8. Mess membership compulsory? Not so. I seem to recall QRs stating that no-one could be compelled to join the WOs' and Sgts' Mess and that individuals could opt out and thus not receive a mess bill. Check again; there's a pile of threads in the Seniors' forum that this could/would/should affect.....
  9. Laundry is the tip of the iceberg here. If you are ever bored enough to read a tax form, or unlucky enough to have to fill one in and do bother to read it you will find all sorts of things. MMA is paid at about 25p, but the govt says you can have 40 and you can claim the rest back against your tax with the exception of Res2POD and leave which don't count.

    So for every £25 of MMA cclaims you have in the year, you can claim for another £15 against your tax.

    Don't blame your paybloke for not telling you, its got nothing to do with him.
  10. You wouldn't get £140 back from the tax man. But you can claim tax RELIEF on £140, So (for ease of Figures) say your taxable earnings each year were £10,000, with this relief you would only be taxed on £9,860.

    If you only pay tax at 22% then you would get £30.80 back each year.

    I think this is correct, I may be wrong but i'm sure somebody will correct me if I am.
  11. You're partly right there, at least about the tax relief in the future.

    The letter above though allows you to put in a tax rebate claim for laundry expenses over the last six years (i'm not sure if you can claim back further than this), we had a letter prepared for us (with Regt letterhead) for all our lads to send off on thursday. Got to be worth a go for the price of a first class stamp.
  12. The “apply by first of April” date did have me suspicious over this but it does seem true after some research.

    See the HMRC site at
    Or for example see this form used by nurses to claim it

    I called Ty Glass and they have had quite a few enquires already and the lady quoted from a hastily prepared statement that said there was no entitlement as officers got a tax deduction already for uniform and that ORs had access to free laundry services. I think they are naïve!

    She was not the person to argue with but that seems incorrect. Most soldiers can access a washing machine only if they live in and even then they often have to pay to use it (coin operated) and provide their own dodby dust. In a mess this cost is often factored into mess bills eg to replace the machines so you still pay. As for Pads the burden is clear unless we are all to queue up outside the QMs with our dirty combats every week? and I have not seen that in Part 1s yet!

    As for Officers the regs seem to state that the upkeep allowance is for items purchased by self or from your initial grant. This therefore does not cover your weekly uniform so I think that’s a goer to. May require several more letters of justification to argue the case.

    I believe it is correct that you wont get 6 years * the benefit back in cash. It is likely to be as tax relief. So the £145 quoted will be as tax relief and therefore not actually what you will benefit from.

    Here seems credibility in this so we should all get writing. Of course you’ll probably find some obscure rule that has excluded the armed forces as usual or that the APRB has already come to an agreement with HMRC to factor this into pay! With the interest there seems to be I am sure an official line will come out.

    However worth a stamp, I’m sure it will all come out in the wash anyway!
  13. Put a copy of the letter in here so we can try it :headbang:
  14. QR's state that Uniforms can be cleaned at HM forces expense, So you are within your rights to take your uniform to the QM's for cleaning.

    Now Inland Revenue could see this as "forces have the option to get uniforms cleaned free of charge" Therefor It is your own decision to clean them yourself. So no tax relief.

    Now we all know that nobody gets their uniform (ceremonials excluded) dry cleaned by the QM, But thats not how IR will see it. But like you say worth a try.

    Be aware you will need to fill out a self assesment form, Then IR are within their rights to ask for all receipts for washing machines and washing powder used. If you cant provide them (they can ask for 6 years worth) then they will ask for any relief paid back

    As much as i grudge giving more than i need to the tax man, Is it really worth all the hassle?
  15. Yes you can claim back the extra for travel claims (but be warned the tax office will mess you about and refuse the claim at persistant) no you can't claim mess bills. Washing powder? Worth a punt i suppose, after all, I pay their wages through tax, might as well make them work for me.