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Tavor Assault Rifle — Israels new Infantry weapon?

Nehustan said:
Looks alot like the SA80 to me with a fancy grip and 21st century casing. Sorry but it does.
It looks like an SA80 because its a bullpup design. Its probably quite hard to build a bullpup weapon without it resembling an SA80 - although i fully expect the industry tries!!!! And sorry, SA80 and 21st century casing? Possibly the first time those 2 statements have been made in the same sentence :wink:
What calibre is it? cant find any reference - be interesting to see if they stuck with the "lets wound 'em" 5.56 or if the IDF have requested more "man stopping" firepower?



Kit Reviewer
ObnoxiousJockGit said:
The user can change which side it fires from without recourse to an armourer.

Edit for link.

From the site quoted above:

www.israeli-weapns.com said:
The ejection ports are made on both sides of the weapon, and the right or the left side ejection can be selected by installing the bolt with the ejector mounted on the right or on the left, respectively (and, of cause, this change requires the gun to be partially disassembled)
The same as the AUG and FA MAS.
Better for the left-hookers but still not an ambi wpn.

Herstal won the contract to supply the FN2000 to the Slovenian Armed Forces a month or so back, a major NATO contract but hardly in the same league as the US Army.
There again, I can't really see the Cousins accepting a foreign wpn as their GI rifle due to it suffering from NIH.

The Slovenians will be deploying some troops to the Afghan and the Sandpit shortly so perhaps we'll soon view the FN2000 in wkg conditions on the news.
The Gat is basically getting talked up by the manufacturer. It was issued to special and police units some years ago; it was made on "spec" without an actual requirement. It's been licensed, I believe, to India and some former Soviet Bloc country-can't remember which.
Looks more like the offspring of those big water pistols you get in Woolworth's toy department.

Oh for days of polishing a walnut stock and fitting a two foot long bayonet. It's just too "Star Wars" for an old bugger, like me. Pass me that Baker Rifle.

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