Tauchmeister Submariners - Few in Stock

We have just received a small shipment of Submariners from Tauchmeister in Germany. They are very very similar in appearance to the famous brand of submariner, so much so that the company in question are trying to have Tauchmeister stop production. They have been unavailable for about 3 or 4 months while the dispute went on. They have just released their final stock of which we got a handful.

We have the T0020/21/22 including a few of the first run T0020 individually numbered. They are heavy stainless steel with 60ATM Water Resistance and a screw down crown and are fitted with Swiss Ronda movements.

They are what they are - If you like this style of watch then these are well made from good components and are equavalent to some 'Replicas' costing over £200

More information can be found Here


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