Tatty tea towel to fly over No.10 for world cup

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by school_for_scoundrels, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. That`s all we need, what next, a couple of cheap plastic ones for the windows of the prime ministerial limo or a couple flapping like bedsheets out the windows of Downing Street so it looks like the Rovers Return.

    I thought we`d got rid of this populist drivel with Blair & the last lot. I bet he did`nt discuss it with Maggie or the Queen.

    As long as he`s prepared to suffer the humiliation & fly it at half mast when England get booted out early thats fine :oops:
  2. Do we get a link to something?
  3. It`s on the bbc news.
  4. But Im at work!
  5. its gr8 innit :D
  6. Does seem fairly naff. Can only assume they'll have all four national flags up for the rugby world cup next year or is it only football that gets the 'honour'?
  7. Sorry mate, try bbc news website/politics.
  8. Any chance he could replace it with something better like an Armed Forces Day one? I'll even sub him the cash if he doesn't feel he can afford it!
  9. They must be launching this initiative:

  10. This has to be a wah, or at least I hope so.
  11. It won't be up there for long!

    PS: How sad it is that the lame brains that inhabit this country would 'crucify' Mr. Cameron if he said:

    'No. 10 is the official home of the nation - it is not a fair-ground stall. The residence may fly the Union Flag, but the era of 'grinning spivs' trying to be 'a man of the people' and curry favour with the lager swilling, pot-bellied, benefit dependant, tattooed, ear-ring festooned 'oiks' is over'.

    If he had said the above, he may not have needed a 'coalition'.

    There again, what politician says what they really think?
  12. Aah ! scientific research & here was me thinking it was only about plonker`s & dick`s.
  13. We best fly the flag before the English Democrats concoct a plan to blow-up parliament..

    I am of course being facetious so no-one fling their St George's knickers at me!