Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by millionwords, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure this has been done to death however, it may be different as I'm a girl.

    I'm currently in the TA, however I'm planning on going Reg sometime in the near future and I've just had the horrible thought that one of my tattoos might stop that from happening and if it has, I will be absolutely gutted.

    I have the outside of my calf tattooed from ankle almost to my knee...

    I am aware of the issue with tattoos above the collar but are there any rules for anywhere else? Its not offensive but it is very large.

  2. I used to work with an Female JNCO with a pretty large tattoo in the same place. The rules were a lot stricter during the early 90's but she got in OK. As long as it doesn't show in the issued No2 skirts you shouldn't have a problem.
    Forgot to add she used to wear thicker nylons to cover it in No2 dress.
  3. below the watch strap on the hands or above the shirt collar is all the Army is worried about, thats for both sexes. might look a bit odd in a skirt though
  4. If need be you may have to cover it or wear one of those popsock thingys, best thing to do is ask at the ACIO. As you are in the TA it shouldn't be a major issue.
  5. Only the thickest of stockings (woolly black ones!) cover it so it would definitely show in an issue skirt!

    You've all go me worried now though, Obviously we're not issued any No 2's so no-one would bother in the TA, but surely that makes no odds when going Reg from scratch?

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  6. Any more for any more?

    I'm really worried my chances are fecked.
  7. .
  8. Are these tattoo rules applied these days? i see guys everywhere with tattoos above the collar. My old man served 22 years in the infantry with tattoo's on both hands and on his fingers on the left hand.
  9. Yes the new rules are applied to new applicants,however if your in already then its not enforced
  10. is it a decent tattoo?

    lets see a pic?

    Unless you've got big corn beef legs that are on upside down
  11. I have read somewhere on this site that tattoo's have to be non-visible on your head or neck, not offensive or obscene nor excessive in size or number.

    I have heard mention that they are also not to be done during training, to avoid your getting it infected and your being useless for several weeks.

    I also read article somewhere that most of time people with tattoo's are accepted but are not allowed in certain jobs.Although when i went away on vaction a couple of months ago i saw a person with a special forces tattoo in the same area as yourself it was quite nice but it was in a area where it could be covered .
    This will of course require confirmation, but I'm sure someone here will know.
  12. This is my new one


    NIce innit....... its on my forehead
  13. Bloody hell
  14. You not like it mate?

    Cost me £50 knicker and a bag of snout.

    My mum didn't like it though and won't let me go to curch with her anymore.