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  1. Hi, I've been told by my CA that I have too many tattoos to apply to become and officer even though i have the relevant A levels and GCSEs. Do you find many people with these quals in the infantry or do all go officer? I'm keen to join regardless.
  2. Are your tattoo's on your hands and neck then?

    I had good GCSE grades but no A levels and have applied for the Infantry. I was encouraged not too. One CA wanted me to apply for Engineering or Medical Tech. To be honest it didn't float my boat.

    I wanted to join the boys that inspired me to join the army in the first place. The Infantry.

    I'd look into it though. If they're not visible then surely there can't be a problem?
  3. Assuming it isnt a wah careers advisors are typical government functionaries who mostly hate the forces. Go to your local ACIO to find out from the horses mouth so to speak
  4. I have 4 highers & umpteenth standard grades and am looking to enlist as infantry (though was asked if I'd considered RE). If you really have your heart set on it then go for it.
  5. How many do you have? I can't find the link to show you but the Army states that as long as they are not visible above the collar or offensive then you should be okay.
    As long as you can cover them and insults anyone i dont think they care.
  6. I've got a swastika on my chest will that be a problem?
  7. :D :D :D
  8. i got a full sleeve on my right arm, the left side of my chest and some on my back and legs and in my lip. i got 3 a levels (BCD) and 10 gcses (A*7As2Bs) but the infantry are what inspire me, its the job i want so shud i just do it?
  9. Not to put you off, but look into everything. Who knows, you might find something with a bit of the best of both worlds ;)
  10. ive been looking into everything for a few months. my first aspiration was to be a para but since have looked at various jobs. my dad is encouraging me to join the RMP but Im wary because everyone hates them apparently even thought the CPU interests me a lot, I find it hard from just reading the job brief because it will probably end up a lot different in reality.
    Btw my BARB score was 73 the other week. The other thing that is pissing me off is that i can blast out the pressups and situps and my 1.5 run averages from 9.30 to 10.12 at the moment but ive been told I'm 10kg overweight so I'm working on that. Im running about 5 days a week atm.
    basically my question was does anyone think it would be a waste of my quals goin in the infantry or should i just go where i want to.
  11. At the end of the day, if it's what you really want to do then why not?
    But on the other hand, if you choose a more technical trade then at least you'd have some quals for civvie street..
    That's just the way I look at it anyway, but do what you think is right for you mate ;)
  12. cheers, is RMP really a no no because they do seem to offer a range oppurtunities. understandibly ppl arent gna like them but a career in the civvy police does interest me for when i come out so it may be advantageous. I find it hard to decide as a few words on a bit of paper is nothing as to what people with experience can tell you
  13. Yes people may dislike the RMP but it makes no difference, you're not joining a social club, you're joing the Army for a Career. There will be plently of RMPs for you to be friends with, don't decide not to join because people might not like you. If you do then in 30 years you'll look back and be pissed of because you didn't do what you wanted to do, you let some people on a website tell you what to do (ironic I'm telling you what to do?).
    This site is for advice, not instructions, if you want to join the RMP your question should be 'How do I join the RMP?' not 'Should I?'. There will be mixed opinions and it will get you nowhere. Good Luck though :D 8) 8) 8)
  14. Trust me it happens.

    I am exactly in the siuation.
    I am smart, Curretly sitting GCSE's (finish in 2 months)
    Predicted all A*-B's.
    They wanted me to go Air tech, It was my 1st Pref. With Para in 3rd.

    I've ended up getting accepted to AFC with the job of: Royal Artillery Observation Post assistant.

    It takes brains and can go specialized (Special Observer) with experience and some fitness.
  15. I wanted to go AAC at first glance, then my CA nudged me in the direction of something more technical. He sat me down and went over that if I was to do something like Avionics or Aircraft Tech (Air tech currently being my first preference) then I could not only get into the higher end pay bracket and get the quals which can be used in civvie street, but I'd also get to more or less experience the same things that someone in the AAC would. (more or less!)

    It's really worth sitting down and mulling over, 'cos at the end of the day it's your future, might as well make the best decision now rather than later ;)