Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Belt_Twit, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Couple of questions in one really.

    I'm really wanting a tattoo now, I've decided. Any idea how long i'll need to keep out of the field once I've got it done? I don't want to get it done on a thursday and then head off for an exercise in salisbury only to get it filled with muck and have it smudge. What is the normal sort of time I should wait before I do things that could potentially rub/knock it?

    Second question: Does the colour in tattoos fade very quickly?

    Third: Is it a bit camp to get regimental insignia incorporated within a design? The insignia of the regiment I serve in I mean, not para wings or anything walty.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. As soon as the scab falls off, it's OK for muck etc, no direct sunlight for a while though.

    Stick to B&W tatts, colour looks shite when it fades.
  3. you have to get two done as well... 1 awesome you choose then one done in the block wankered by needles man nige and his case of stink ink!! reall hard men have shit tats!
  4. I was planning on going for black and white only. Would a union jack in black and white look alright though? Would be part of a bigger tattoo.
  5. Would depend on the design and what you think of it, noone else has to live with it.

    As far as colour tats goes, Ive had mine almost three years in yellow and orange and it still looks bright enough but I fully expect it to fade (at which point I'll either get it touched up in colour or 'blacked' in).
  6. If you have tattoos, always cover them in sunblock if out in the sun (factor 30 or higher) it is the sunlight (UV) that fades them.

    With a new tattoo, best to avoid anything dirty until, as said, it has scabbed over and then the scab has fallen off (Of its own accord, dont pick at it). Until then wash it daily (twice daily preferably) with an antibacterial soap, pat dry gently and apply either vaselene (From a brand new tub) or "tattoo goo" (available from all good tattooists) as a barrier. Wear loose clothing. Also avoid alcohol immediately before and for a few days after. Stay hydrated. As far as your skin is concerned a tattoo is similar to a burn and needs to heal in the same way.

    You cant really "smear" a tattoo but if it gets infected it will a. hurt and b. look like shit. Most decent tatooists will invite you to go back and get it re-inked if the colour doesnt come out strong enough first time round.
  7. Excellent, thanks for your help folks.

    Would the regimental insignia give me any problems in other parts of the military career? For instance if I wanted to kid myself and have a pop at becoming THEM, or if I was stupid enough to want to transfer to the Int corps?

    No-wah, just interested as to the impact it'd have.
  8. Yes I'm afraid you would look like a cnut generally. :x

    Why do you want a tat?

    Would you think it would make you look hard? :roll:
  9. Absolutely not and thoroughly recommend it, the bigger the better.

    I have an Army Air Corps Eagle on my chest and its as big as Jesus himself.

    The Laurel goes from shoulder down to waist and joins as a belt would.

    The crown looks beautiful resting just above the brow of my big bald bonce.

    Why the fcuk do you want a Union Jack, are you trying to say 'I have no imagination so went for a wanky flag design with a unicorn and lion on it with the words 'Pride' or 'These colours don't run' somewhere within.
  10. No, the design I have in mind has a flag in it, the design is not based around a flag.

    Whilst 'These colours don't run' is an ace song, I doubt I would have it tattooed on me. I want something I've designed myself. Cheers for the as-ever helpful response though MDN.

    I'd have a picture of your cock inked on me if you donate enough to the RBL.
  11. Because I want a bit of original artwork on me.

    Why do you try and bait on a forum, to make you look e-hard? :roll:
  12. Yeah a tat, thats real original.

    Why not get a penis done on your forehead.

    Oh sorry you already have a dick on your head!
  13. Crikey, mature responses coming in by the bucket load! If you don't like tattoos, don't bother reading a thread asking for advice on how to take care of them.
  14. If you don't want the piss taken out of you then don't come on here mincing on about if your regimental insignia would look 'camp' as a tat.

    You've basicly answered your own question FAG
  15. A good way to look after a new tattoo is to clean it, coat it in healing stuff (bepathen, acriflex, tattoo goo or any decent stuff NOT savlon) and then wrap it in cling film. It keeps it clean and means that the skin is given a chance to heal without the air getting to it, which would cause a scab.

    When it comes to fadding tattoos its either due to bad application or another reason is due to a heavy scab. It is sometimes caused by rejection of the ink by your skin but this is rare as far as I know.