Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stayce88, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. just wondering
    can your application be turned down for having too many tattoos?
    i have them on my inner wrist, upper arm, lower back and hip
  2. As long as they would be hidden by your uniform you should be fine (I.e. not on your face and depending hands) It shouldn't affect your application.
  3. And no swastikas etc.
  4. Doesn't affect you in the slightest although anyone looking at you in the shower will think you're a lezza and a pikey.
  5. It can be rejected if the tattoos are not, as stated above, hidden by uniform. Forearms is generally OK, upper arms, chest and back likewise, so long as the images/ text could not be seen as offensive by anybody. I was talking to a young guy a few weeks back who is desperate to join up, but has had a script tattoo on the side of his neck above the collar line, and was refused.

    Your wrist should be OK in my opinion, so long as it is not a particularly garish design.
  6. You could be fecked orf if your tats were judged to be offensive/racist.
  7. They all sound like 'pornstar' tattoos to me.
    Either that or you're a scarred pikey.
    Do you have 'LOVE HATE' across your knuckles. or ACAB
  8. Got any pictures of them? So we can judge better, you understand!
  9. Oh, I don't know, I'd have to see a pic or 5 to know for sure...
  10. If you get 'Army Be The Best' tatooed on your forehead your entry will be guranteed!
    Go on it's the ally thing to do at the moment, most of us in the infantry have it done, you just never see the tat's because they are always covered by our beret's or helmets!
  11. Can't get onto facebook, can't you post them here?
  12. My god, you are a chick!
    I would :D
  13. Going by the profile pic, I would too... :twisted:

    Still need to see these tattoo pics though!