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  1. I just thought I would make this post as it may be useful to others out their thinking about joining up.

    The tattoo policy has changed back to what it was several months ago, so tattoo's above the T-Shirt collar line, but below a shirt collar line are now ok, which is bloody great news for me :D

    I was 1/2 way though my re-application when the policy was changed several months ago meaning because of my neck tattoo I wasn't able to enlist. Got a phone call last Friday though from my old recruiter in London saying the policy had reverted, and my application could continue :D.

    So freakin happy at the moment haha, the Liverpool AFCO now has all my paperwork, and have been handed control of my application from the London office. My BARB and Basic English/Math tests are still valid, now just waiting to get a B203 form from APC Glasgow saying I'm eligible to renter(was MD'd in 2005) and then I should be off on selection woo. Just need to get my arrse back to running as I've let my fitness slip, and this call came out the blue lol.
  2. Why????
  3. Because I like it :p

    Says Ghosteh in Barcode lol. I'm a geek, hence why I'm heading for Sys Eng Tech in the Sigs.
  4. You'll fit in well!!
  5. I don't think you'll get passed basic, Gosteh.

  6. Hopefully I won't meet that Gosteh, looks a bit weird like.

    However, I hope I pass basic this time lol.
  7. What would happen if I got a tattoo at the bottom of my back during AFC Harrogate?
    Like on the first weeks leave?
  8. I'm not sure what would happen dicipline wise, but I wouldn't recommend it. They take time to heal, and you don't want to be tabbing with a bergen rubbing on it lol.
  9. Saying what? "Insert C@#& here' with an arrow pointing to your chocolate starfish. 8O

  10. Again......Why???
  11. No actually,
    Vend here.
    Naa,A saying I like.
  12. Just something I had wanted for a while, I've had Ghosteh as a nickname(and other variations, Ghost, The_Ghost The_Ghosteh etc) for a while, and I was in Las Vegas at the time attending a network security conference, and just thought that it would be something interesting to remember the time lol.
  13. Youre telling me youve always wanted a barcode drawn on your neck?

    Have you ever layed on the conveyor belt in Tescos to see what it really says?

    I've always wanted an Aston Martin DB5, doesn't mean to say I'll draw one all over my head.
  14. Well, not all ways wanted, but since I've wanted a tattoo, it was one of the ones I wanted to get, it just happened to be the 1st. Had so many people asking me that Tesco(other supermarket variations) question lol. No it wouldn't work heh.

  15. Why wouldnt it work?

    And why are you putting 'lol' at the end of every post?