Discussion in 'Officers' started by mcclurg, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I have a question involving tattoos.. I'd heard somewhere that you will be refused Officer training if you have tattoos on your forearm. I have seen plenty of officers with tattoos on their forearms, but I just wanna be sure...
  2. Is that your photo? Pretty good opsec if it is!

    Don't know about refused, but frowned upon. Normally only LE Officers who have lower arm tattoos in my experience that they picked up over 22 years of enlisted service. Just had a guy join our mess with upper arm tattoo - he had the p*ss ripped, but nothing else (although there was talk of scouring pads and vinegar...)
  3. Tattoo? Get a life.
  4. very frowned upon, if its a visual (ie leg or arm) one which will be seen at AOSB then it will go against you.

    Tatts - not sexy anymore and the ladies dont like em, apart from the skanks that look like extras from shameless.

    Do yourself a favour and spend the money on something decent - like beer :pukel:
  5. If it isn't seen when wearing a t-shirt and shorts, then it shouldn't be an issue, is what I was told by my AFCO.

    Although that doesn't mean that you won't have the p!ss ripped! :thumleft:
  6. I've a small tattoo on my upper back and it has never been an issue except with a particularly pathetic senior office in my bn. When I went through RCb I made it known and the ruling was that as long as it was not in a visible position when wearing sports gear then it wasn't a problem.

    As has been mentioned above, it's generally LE Officers who've got forearms tattoos.

    You'd think that in this modern age we'd be able to look at ability, not a picture of 'I LOVE MUM' on a forearm that was attributed to some stupid act at uni/college/drunken binge.
  7. Not that we crabs are bastions of officer qualities, but I met a RAF Regt officer in BAS last year who had a tattoo. It turns out he was commissioned from the ranks, so I refrained from having him skinned to set an example.

    Female RAF Officers have a rather unnerving propensity to have tattoos done, usually in the lower back region so that it can stretch to obscene proportions when they put on weight/get pregnant. And yes RAF 'lady' officers are known tro wear sufficiently revealing clothing in the mess in order to demonstrate this.
  8. yep, tis my photo =] but frankly it doesn't give much away.

    And cheers on your advices peoplezz
  9. Go on then - what is the tattoo? Is it one of those silly words down the inside of your arm a la Beckham? Something dead cool? Share with us so we can give a more accurate comment.
  10. Sailors have tattoos in the ports they have visited and of the girls they have known, and a duty 'Homeward Bound' on the forearm. Other than that unless you are a tracksuit wearing scally with a spiders web on your neck it does not really matter as long as it is hidden in PT rig-the lads love them (although one of my boys had a tat in the states that he had to have done in two sessions because he could not take the pain-weak!) and some officers have them. A mate of mine (now outside) had a women on his arm-the shading under the nose makes her look like that south American artist with the tash-be warned!!
  11. We do, but we also look at the ability of the potential recruit to think for themselves, resist peer pressure and not do things when drunk that they wouldn't do when sober! The guidelines are clear; nothing visible when normally dressed - and shirt sleeve order in the summer means that one's forearms are exposed.

  12. Spot on, that man.
  13. I went through the entire Commissioning process with tattoos on both forearms and no-one ever mentioned them. My first CO was the only person who ever brought the subject up, he thought I should remove them for PERSEC reasons. I didn't and they're still there 15 years later and still not an issue.
  14. I've resisted thusfar regardless of the urges. Yes tattoos look cool they don't look cool later. I still want one though :)
  15. Unofficerlike behaviour. Have a word with yourself