a group of infamous lads who went on a Blackpool tour and to a man came back with the Blackpool Taz Tour Tattoo on their arses, my mate didn't even know til the next day he had been tattoed!!!...
Nice One.....[/quote]

Read this on another thread and thought, how many sappers have tatts they can't explain, understand or remember getting. Blood group on the shoulder excepted, and the "Go F*ck Yourself" on the outer edge of the right hand (only visible when saluting), also.
What else have us poor misunderstood Chardlettes have to regret?
not a tattoo but when i was PS at chepstow one of the a/t's tried to brand his lower arm with the corps cap badge.

needless to say that it just ended up a fecking huge burn all over his arm.
Mate of a tad mashed at the end of basic and went to get his blood group done.

Unfortunately he didn't quite get it right: he had A+ done instead of A-.

He tried to burn off the vertical line to make it correct. no luck.
still has it as far as I know.
Somebody might find this interesting, talking of tattoos. If anybody out there thinks it hurts having them done.. How much do you think it hurts having the Feckers off!
A long time ago when things started to get politically silly, there were particular jobs that you couldn't do if you were adorned with any form of body art on your lower arms.
Some of us wanted to do that job in a particular part of the country and would do anything that stood in the way of getting it,like...having them off!

Just a cautionary tale to would be tattees.. you might want to do that particular job after being tattooed whilst you are in the forces and it's now down to someones opinion whether they are suitable enough to be on display or not! Just a thought!

I'm no good at attaching things and pictures to watsits and doodahs so i apologise if it doesn't come out properly.

It's easy to follow.. before and after! simple as that. Thoughts?

(miss the ones out about being stupid though! Been there, heard that!!)


i have mine in the same loation as yours. after seeing the after pics i think i will keep them where they are and just continue to wear long sleeves to cover them.
Good decision lemonsuckas! I suppose I forgot to mention that the job I needed to get rid of them for wouldn't let me simply roll my sleeves down at that time.... "get rid" or you aint doing it was their way of dealing with it!
feck me they looked sore.

lucky all of mine are above the elbow or hidden from view.
Believe it or not Knocker, the skin grafts on my arms never hurt because they dig out the nerves as well as hair roots and pigment. The severe pain was where they took the grafts from on my leg when it slowly healed over 10 days or so. I can only liken it to someone inflating my leg with a bike pump till you split your teeth with pain then deflating and repeating it over and over again.
I can only imagine how people like Simon Weston felt with all the grafts he must have suffered. I use him as an example because my op was done at the same place by the same bloke I was told. I, however, was used as a guinea pig with new advances in skin grafting as they perforated the skin like a tea-bag before stapling it to the 'open wound' If you look at the arms you can see the perforations pattern.
some people might know a nutter who was at 32 who decided to have the corps cap badge tattooed on his fore arm.....nice piece of ink...until he bust his arm 8O it looks like a broken china plate somebody couldn't put together properly......... :roll:

nice one didn't half make me laugh though! :clap:
Me!_Amph!! said:
Know a lad in 35 that has a no entry sign tatooed on each arrse cheek.
well he would not have that if he was a riggy, would he :? :wink: :? :wink:
I was going to get my name tattoed on my 'dick' but too many letters.....Bob.

There was awhile ago a certain WO1 in our Corps who went private to get his 'tats' removed, it was NOT the done thing for Officers to have these! Despite spending £thousands on this he did'nt get picked up! Tee Hee
I agree after seeing the removal of the tats i think i will keep mine, knew a bloke who in junior leaders got a pig tattooed :rofl: :rofl:

Deleted 20555

Do you boys tat your blood groups onto your left arms - used to be popular in my neck of the woods.
sapper1743 said:

..........what happens if your arm gets shot off ?
gloves will last you twice as long................... :p :p :p :p

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