Discussion in 'Officers' started by jaygee, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Good evening. I am a potential officer, with my pass from RCB Briefing. During my interview, my group leader asked me a question, regarding tattoos, along the lines of "Are you aware the Army has a policy on Tattoos" i answered "Yes" , He then asked "does that concern you at all" i answered "no". However, call this the folly of youth, but i am considering a tattoo, before, or during university which i start in September. I would appreciate if anyone would be able to outline the Army's policy on tattoos, whether they are a no go all together, or is it the actual image or location of the tattoo??


  2. They have to be non-visible on your head or neck, not offensive or obscene nor excessive in size or number.

    I have heard mention that they are also not to be done during training, to avoid your getting it infected and your being useless for several weeks. This will of course require confirmation, but I'm sure someone here will know.
  3. Good move to get it somewhere you can cover with a shirt. Short sleeves preferably.
  4. Cheers, meant to add,that at the time of my briefing, didnt have or want one, but no kind of do! A crucifix of some description wouldnt be considered offensive if placed discretly?
  5. The Army's policy on Tattoos is to have a big one in Edinburgh every August.

    Glad to be of help!
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  6. When the regulation was described to me 'obscene' meant rude words, Swasticas, some-one flipping the bird etc.

    Sprjim, I have a tattoo on my forearm that I have felt might make me look bad. I was told however that as it is not offensive it's not strictly a problem as the regulations only bar head/face and neck tattoos. Do you find that those with forearm tattoos are looked down upon?
  7. Are you sure you wouldn't be happier in minor league football?
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  8. Ha, nope, just a christian, thats sick of having his crucifix stolen, 3 times in the past 18 months. And it was just something i fancied.
  9. I had a mate in 2 Para who had tattoos on both of his thighs, the outside of both of his lower legs, both his forearms and upper arms and on his chest (I think on his chest). He eventually hated them and the image they portrayed so had them all removed some years later, the Doctor grafted the top layer/s of skin away. The result was permanent scars similar to flesh when it has been burnt by fire and will not re grow. The scars on his thighs were larger than your hands.

    I'm a SNCO and have no tattoos (but I have considered it many times) but don't mind them on others. It's very rare (from what I've seen) that an officer has tattoos but I could be wrong. You might want to consider what image you are trying to and may project then ask yourself is this a Uni/phase in life type thing, folly of youth as you put it. Remember, just like a kitten, they are for life!
  10. Not at all, I have too. But I didnt know what he wanted to get. Sorry if that was misleading. Having said that I dont know any direct entry officers with tattood forearms.
  11. I have one on my arse - it hurt having it done and I reckon it was a waste of 10 quid. I regret it now but am glad it's on my arse and not anywhere else. Fortunately noone except Mrs TB sees it, unless I'm pished and then I regret dropping my pants and making an arse of myself again

    Don't bother having it done in the first place; by and large they look appalling and vaguely stupid ............... reminds me of LCpl Buzz Po***** and his Siouxsie and the Banshees homemade tat, spelt incorrectly.
  12. True that like, I regret all but one of mine.
  13. Don't get one done - I was going to get one on my upper arm at about 19/20 - bloody glad I didn't
  14. Well there's only one way for me to find out I suppose. Though it would be ever so slightly grating to be turned away because of something that indeed complies with the regulations, that of course apply to both soldiers and officers.
  15. Don't do it in the first place - you will regret it. Most tattoes look absolutely appalling, people snigger at them and if it might jeopardize a job chance the you would be a fool to have it done. Plus you look like a c*ck on the beach.