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Ok so im midway through my application (currently stuck in the perpetual cycle of the new NRC system) and have a question about tattoo's.

I already have one, on my left lower leg about 9" high (its an english knight with my daughters name and dob under it) this was disclosed on my initial app (pre NRC) and my recruiter said it should be fine (even made a comment about the quality of the work)

Now im expecting my second child to be born in September and have decided to get another tat done after she is born (a samurai with name & dob again - about same size as the one already have just on the other leg)

Now im not worried about it healing in time for ADSC or Phase 1 due to the current delays with the new process just getting itself sorted, however do i actually need to let anyone know? and if so who?

Sarcastic replies regarding your own dislike for tattoos/reading the TOCS/Tattoo policy need not reply!

Muchos Gracias Mi Amigos!
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