Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by pompey25, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi all im wondering if anyone can tell me if i can join the ta even tho i have a few small tattoos on my fingers?
  2. Highly Doubtful as they will be exposed while wearing uniform, But I am just saying that from my Medical's when I joined the Regular Army ,

    Tell me what type of tattoo it is , & how big they are.
  3. i have roses on my fingers only 4 they are the size of a 5p
  4. It sounds Doubtful..But I could be wrong ,

    Your best going into your Local AFCO and asking them will be able to give you a straight answer mate.
  5. Giz a look. That sounds like the worst tattoo I've ever heard of. Go us.
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  6. o belive me ive seen worse a lot worse but we do silly things when we are young
  7. Like fcuk fat ginger mingers....yup. Get shiite rose tats on my
  8. in all fairness you've not seen them, they dont look that bad if im honest and with most things it seemed a good idea at the time but 11yrs on it dont
  9. Are you male, or female?
  10. im a male they are the hampshire rose
  11. You don't have to justify your sexuality to me fella. It's allowed in the Army nowadays.......for some reason??
  12. lol im not that way mate, it seemed a good idea cause im from hampshire silly i no but nevermind
  13. That old chestnut.

    So.........c'mon. Show us a photo of your gay roses.
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  14. il have to upload a pic tomorrow after work
  15. lol well ive decieded im getting them laserd off