After looking at another thread about tattoos in the officers section

What are the attitudes to tattoos in the TA and for junior ranks?

I am aware that attitudes can be different for regs etc.

Whats the general consensus, more along the lines of what someone could get away with pushing the limits a bit, for intrests sake.


Rules on tattoos (upon joining) are exactly the same for the TA as for full-time.
Any tattoo that can be seen on the arms (from elbow down) cannot be offensive, or deemed offensive, or be too large. Neck/head tattoos are a straight bar from entry.

However, once you are in - You can seemingly do whatever.
I know someone in one of our regular battalions who is covered in tattoos - Weird things going up his neck to his ears and allsorts. Certainly would not have got past the AFCO if he had them upon joining.
If it is offensive though, I would suppose it's a different story.

I've not seen anyone get through the recruitment process in the TA with any of the 'bar to entry' tattoos, but neither have I seen anyone try either.
I knew of one girl rejected entry to our unit for a tattoo just behind and below her ear, the usual single letter, whatever it stands for,

Never really had a thing for offensive tattoos, i just like good artwork.

But mainly that was going to be my question are the standards for entry different than when youre in, Ive seen in particular one infantry lad down at redford with a tribal from his wrist that clearly went up his arm and ended half way up his neck.
brucewillis said:
Biggest one I ever saw was.... Edinburgh!!
What do you mean?

To answer the original poster- There was an SUT walking around Malta Barracks with bright red stars going up the back of his neck and up to his ears.

Why, what do you have?
SilverSurfer said:
DarkNinja said:
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buttonsin3s said:
brucewillis said:
Biggest one I ever saw was.... Edinburgh!!

boom, tish. Your taxi awaits :clap:
I don't geddit...?
Duh! He is talking about a MILITARY TATTOO! - on a soldier in Edinburgh
Methinks he is talking about the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo held at the Castle :)
<snigger> WAH! </snigger>

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