Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by craigf1989, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. ok not to sure on the policy i start basic 20th july and was plannin to go get a tattoo tomorro,, roman numericals down the back of me lower arm is that ok?

  2. No. You'll look like a cunt.
  3. I wouldn't, when I went through training everyone got stick for tattoo's by the Training Staff.

    The only ones that didn't had regimental tattoo's, you've passed Selection now so you have the right to get one so you might aswell get your capbadge on your forearms or something similar, maybe a bayonet.

    Hope that helps.
  4. He'll look worse than that, Flashy, he'll look like that tosser, Beckham
  5. Quite Right. I bloke I know had the AGC capbadge tattoo'd all over his back all the DS thought he was well ace an that he hd no bother
  6. Indeed, that Mike Golden chap had a Para Regt capbadge on his chest before he rocked up too - he got on brilliantly, got a letter from the CGS at the time and was sent on Op's halfway through training.

    Do it, do it now.
  7. They've relaxed the rules too. It's ok to have facial tats now.
  8. No, Para tattoos are the ones that really get people impressed. As soon as you pass recruit selection it's best to get one on the chest. That way, when you turn up at your basic, the DS know you are really serious about being a para.
  9. Your grasp of the English language is shite so why bother making yourself look like a complete clown by fcuking up in another language? Though Roman nemerals (don't ask for numericals) would look class, you might start a trend and be the envy of all your scouse mates.
  10. WTF's a "NEMERAL" ????
  11. Breakfast Cereal?