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Tattoos - The good, the bad, the ugly and the regrets.

After reading the story about the belgian lass I started wondering about other tattoos.

Why do we get them? Who's got them? Does anybody have any regrets?
So share your stories of tattooing heaven and tattooing hell here.
one shoite bulldog on my arm done by a mate after the depot, couple more associated to my unit etc, none of which I regret, passage of time etc blah blah
Was tempted but never gave in to the urge to get inked.. best buddy, at the time, did, though.. as a ' memento' in making it through the first hurdle at boot... Got a ' turtle ' tattooed on his belly over his 'button '...[ that was his nickname ]...

today, as we're both pushing well into the 4 score years, his taut abs are now losing the battle to gravity and large portions and the turtle is somewhat ' distorted ' to the point that no one who sees it [ and he shows it off a lot, cause his shirts never seem to do up, fit over or pop buttons ] knows WTF it is and always ask him to 'splain it..which p!sses him off, especially after a few beers.

makes me realize I made the right choice in not getting one myself...nothing worse than a fat old git or withered old crone flashing faded and warped ' biker tats' at Walmart while stocking up on Depends on sale...
Had a few tattoo,s when I was young and daft, a couple of thai buddhist ones done by monks up in mukdaharn, , a few months later while on R&R in Bangkok was billeted with some yanks from Korat, all week this gobby master/sgt from New York kept rabbiting on about gettinga thai tattoo to cover his back but he couldnt find any one to do it. Was that an invitation for a stitchup or what :twisted: on our last night we took him out for a few sherbets and his tattoo, must admit he bore the pain very well , so we had a few more drinks and took him back to the billet, next morning at dark oclock as we were leavingwe woke him to praise his wonderful tattoo, Would love to have been there when he got back to Korat to find not a religous thai motif on his back but the Cutty Sark in full Sail and Rule Brittania written neatly underneath, we had the photo,s for years but mrs N number 2 burnt them with the rest of my stuff before the divorce :p
Had my first the other week; just some arty stuff, nothing meaningful. Chuffed to buggery with it, and it's in a pretty sag-free place so no future worries. Recently heard a story about some booties who were getting some seriously shite ones done for forfeits, including a Penny Farthing bicycle and a Flymo lawnmower. Those crazy Royals...
I once picked up this lass in a club. She was a 'bit' of a munter and quite routund but I was slightly inebriated so I didn't care.

By the time we got back to her place I sobered up enough to not want to look at her grid or kiss her so I flipped her over onto her front....
She had an eyeball done on each arrse-cheek. It almost put me off my stroke!! Actually the design of them was good as the eyes appeared to follow you whereever you moved to. I actually quite enjoyed myself, and a good time was had by all. (she 'cos I'm awesome. Me 'cos I'd been trying to stare down a tattood arrse!)
A dragon holding a leek with "CYMRU" underneath it on my right arm. Slightly regret it, as it makes me look like a right valleys commando twat (& I don't need any help in that department).

A snake wrapped around barb wire going around my left arm. Don't regret that one at all, yet. Although I'm sure I will when I'm old & saggy.
Rocketeer said:
]... today, as we're both pushing well into the 4 score years, his taut abs are now losing the battle to gravity......
Fakkinell!! I'm not surprised gravity is taking over if you are both now in your 80s!! Respect!

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