tattoos.. shed some light

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by just_jay, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. i have passed selection and im due to start phase 1 on 02.09.07, at ATR bassingbourn any way, i seem to rember on filling out my medical forms that there was something about tattoo's when i filled it out i didnt have one now i do. will it matter . i no you see alot of squaddies with tattoo's so i doubt just thought i would check

  2. What did you get and where?
  3. As long as you arent covered head to toe in them you should be fine. Also you shouldnt have any on your face and neck.
  4. a tribal lion face on my upper arm:p

    and butterfuly on my face:p joking bout that 1 serios about the lion
  5. i think its just to check you havent got a massive swastika emblazoned on your chest. ala american history x

    or anything else that might be offensive for that matter. lots of squads have tatts, mainly shit ones but hey.
  6. yes. no nothing insighting racist hatrid :p or gay pride rainbows.

    ok thankyou:D
  7. I remember from the form it said nothing on head neck or hands and nothing offensive anywhere. Lion on your arm I would imagine is fine!

  8. As already posted so long as they are not above collar or below cuff and not offensive to some delicate bloody nosey jobsworth nature it should be fine. It is also so that they know if you have any distinguishing marks for purposes of recognition. (in case you get into trouble or badly disfigured and the normal routes if identification are not available)
  9. what about a small tattoo on the hand? As it's below the cuff, would it be a problem.
  10. MATE its case of reportin it every case is different really arms are fine longs its not racist ect....... iv got one on the back of my neck which was photographed sent off and approved as its not seen when dressed for parade
  11. As long as it is not offensive or obscene

    and as yours is on your upper arm (not visible in shirt sleeve order) you'll be fine.

    Tattoos are a form of recognition, same as scars, and dental records! :)