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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bunny, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. maybe its been covered before but what tattoos etc do you peeps have on yer bodies? what are ur views etc? know anyone with a crap tattoo? bla bla bla 8)

    iv got a few meself and love em on the ladies :p

    the bunny
  2. Ive got four Tattoos and 2 piercings

    2 Of my tatts ive designed myself and even if i say so myself look really cool :p
  3. dare i ask where the piercings are my lovely?
  4. Yeh sure ive got me clit and tongue done :wink:
  5. So much for mystery :)

    Personally? Tats can accentuate a womans sexuality, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, thy've gone for the Nelson 1940 board

    Big Tats+women = Vom
  6. Ive only got little cute tatts

    as im not into loads and massive ones. too much pain lol
  7. Icebytch i insist you send photos to my address..... for purely educational purposes of course :p

    iv had a hell of a lot of piercings in my time, but only really got a few now. and a tattoo on my wrist and bum.

    horny little tattoos on women are the best. not 'looks-like-a-great-green-blob-from-a-distance tattoos
  8. Bunny

    yeh ive had a few piercings too but i guess ive grown out of it now.... but still got the two thou :p

    i think most tatts look ok on men except for the swallow on the neck and a few of the old tacky ones......... so what tatt have you got on ya butt :wink:

    and what piercins have ya had ??
  9. iv got a tiny star on my wrist (god knows why! - cant b bothered to get it removed) and a word on my bum - NOT a name, im not stupid enough to get some fling's name tattooed on my arse! and a naked girl sucking her thumb on my back.

  10. ORG had love and hate on his knuckles, thankfully fo rhim the constant dragging action wore them away :D

    Icey send us a pick of the hooded button, neverplayed with a pierced man in the boat.......... any one else?
  11. As you well know, that was actually on the end of my knob, old boy. :D
  12. But thats the micro tatto that no chick has seen, only a few of your biker pals from www.pervertsinleather .com :D
  13. Got to admit I'm rather fascinated by the very idea of getting a tat or five
    Subtle and tasteful ones of course.
    I am tempted to get arrows and a 'this way to the love tube' sign put on my arrse cheeks :D
    I'd quite like 'fookyoupal' on my knuckles but since losing a finger I'm a knuckle short for that...and 'fuckyopal' might give the wrong impression :?
    I'd reaaaalllly luurve a tat on my belly.. a heart with my mans name in it...but as I change men weekly it's a no go really ...unless I stick to men with the same there's an idea :idea:
  14. But they had to make it an acronym, and even then 8 point letters :D
  15. A ring on your clit? Org has the male equivalent, a ring on his knob. What's yours made from? Orgs is made of sphincter muscle :D