Tattoos in the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Army_Gal23, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I am Really interested in joining the army as an office but have one thing that might hold me back. About a year go i got a tattoo that is half on my back and a bit up on my Neck. It is just a symbol and not offensive but it may stop me getting in.

    Are they Really strict about this or do they make exceptions?

    Thank you.
  2. How on earth can you join as an OFFICE? you must be good, can you supply modern IT when you join aswell?
  3. the average doris's arse in the army is about the size of an office, :wink:
  4. I would imagine that it would go against you. A visible tattoo above the neckline would not look good in the mess at a function would it ?

    Sorry to be brutally blunt but I think it would go against you, tell me this do you now regret it ?

    What about laser removal ?

    Rgds 58
  5. No problem. A Tattoo on an Office is called signage and it quite normal.
  6. If it is on your neck is it visible in a T-shirt? If so I think you may struggle, not sure of the exact regulations.
  7. Pics!! We need pics of this nubile neckline... :wink:

    You lot are slipping...jeez..
  8. Yeah ok i meant Officer. i am Tired and at work. Sorry.
  9. As English does not appear to be your first language I make the assumption that these may be ethnic-based tattoos, in which case you may find that they are perfectly acceptable.
  10. As a new entry officer all tatoos that will be visible in shirt sleeve order are frowned upon and may stop your entry into Sandhurst. This rule is relaxed for LE officers that have progressed through the ranks.
  11. You'll be fekked as an Officer in the Army then..

    No, really. Tired, in the office and cant string a sensible line of text together? This is all going to change when you wear the Uniform?

    My God. Youre in line for the Mess Webley without even being in the Mess...

    But good luck anyway. Just dont expect your tattoo to be the only stumbling block along your way.
  12. A chick with a tattoo on her upper back and neck? Had anything else done?

  13. You might have to join as a run of the mill spunk sponge then!
  14. Gosh your a charming person!

    Just because i did'nt read one post you go off on one. Oh well, i guess thats your Perogative.

    Well i will apply and see what they say, thats all i cand do. Thank you to the people with helpful answers.
  15. With a shirt on you can just see the top of it. Its silly that such a small thing would mean you can't join. Oh well all i can do is try.