Tattoos in Bordon

Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone had a tattoo from the shop on Bordon main street? Any suggestions where to get them done in the area?
  2. nope, but I had my nose pierced there... it was not a good experience, the woman who di it had the shakes!
  3. Aldershot has a good tatooist!
  4. Good job it was only your nose then!! :roll:
  5. If you mean the one up the top of chalet hill towards the prince of wales, then yes. My mate also. My mate had a basic black tribal thing, and I had some black lettering done. Both tattoos were good, but they weren't what I'd class as "difficult"
  6. There is one in Fleet called Dermal Funk or something weird, but really good and bloke is good at freehand as well if you want something designing.
  7. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Poison Ink In Basingstoke is worth making the journey for if you want something thats complex or more than just the same old
  8. There are quite a few in Pompy still but I dont know if they are any good.

    Mine was done by Winny in the 'Shot in 76 and the drink must have carried her off years ago.
  9. Now theres a name I have not heard in donkeys years, I had two done in 77 after meeting her in a pub, we struck a deal on me buying her 7 pints of Guiness and she'd do the tatts free, I figured at some future time. Not a chance! Straight after the pub she proceeded to mark me for life! She was supposed to do my blood group too but she fell asleep so I staggered of pissed and bleeding. I had to get the Medcen in Buller to put dressings on them. Anyway 33 years on and they are still quite good, I think her best work was when she was bolloxed. If she is still alive she must be 103 and pickled!
  10. I think Darren Stars(not 100% sure of the spelling) is still there in Southsea and then there's Ian's of Reading (Off the Oxford Rd) who are both multi award winning tattooists. Why I wasted their fame on a shitty Tasmanian Devil on my arse I'll never know. Oh no wait a min, it was cos I was 16! Oh and fellow arser Lord Vetinarius, no laughing cos you were there as your TAz on your tit is just as bad!
  11. I had my back piece done by Ian. I'm not sure he's still there anymore though.