Tattoos - good or bad

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by annabel, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Yes, love it, no regrets

  2. No, disgusting abuse of the body

  1. Chatting in the office today (as you do) and a colleague pipes up 'hey, you were in the army, everyone who's ever been in the army has a tat - where's yours?'
    Thus ensues the 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' thing.

    As the entire office proceeds to show their tats and piercings to each other, another colleague expresses their extreme distaste of such things and indeed their disapproval of the blatant display of unnecessary flesh.
    This person's whole disapproval of tattoos and the original assumption that everyone who's ever been in the army must have one got me a-thinking - is it really a military thing to get a tat or is it a common misconception and distasteful abuse of one's body.

    For the record, I have never regretted mine in the 15 years I've had it and am actively searching for a local reputable 'artist' to adorn myself again.
  2. I can do you a nice pearl neckless tattoo, though it might take time to dry :wink:
  3. A few years ago (early 90s) the then leading plastic surgeon in the Army did a little study on tattoos and soldiers attitudes towards them. I can’t honestly recall the exact statistics but as I remember what he found was that the average age for soldiers having a first tattoo was 19. However, by the age of, I think it was 27 well over 90% regretted having had it (them) done! I also recall that he said that almost no one who had not had at tattoo before the age of 21 decided to have one after. He therefore suggested (in the days before ‘Rights of a Soldier’ and of full manning) that the Army forbid anyone under 21 be allowed to have a tattoo while in military service. He was of course ignored.

    As a plastic surgeon one of the biggest demands he had was for tattoo removal - especially amongst LE officers on commissioning! After he left the Army (DCS 15 redundancy) he made large wedges of cash doing….. laser removal of tattoos in a mobile clinic he bought using his redundancy money…..guess where….. major garrison towns where hundreds of folks wanted tattoos removed!!
  4. have no quarrel with the ' concept' of a tatoo [ envious of those Maori face designs.. wow! ] just the ' taste ' of some of the art...for every Mona Lisa there's a Velvet Elvis..

    Both my daughters have tats and are in the service, but my wife and son, both serving, don't - don't expect the missus will agree to one but the boyo is seriously thinking of getting tagged...

    Seen some incredible bodyart that goes well beyond the heart with ' mom ' inside or the usual dagger/snake thing...

    In my darkest of drunken stupors I imagine my chest adorned with a Man o' War in full sail letting go a broadside cannonade... and maybe a nubile sexy babe crawling up one leg toward my big gun...
  5. No tats, never did anything for me, too many O pos trangle, or skull dagger combo, which really ends up looking like a skull with a bobble hat on! Made in england around the belly button, mmmm nasty, look cracking that when you are in your 70's
  6. I remember a guy in the sig who got a tatt done at white shops, Basically the concept was meant to be the Batman symbol, for what ever strange reason.

    The tattooist started with the outer boarder, coloured in the yellow, then went to put the bat symbol in.

    This is where things went wrong, as the tattoist messed the bat up and made one wing bigger than the other. No rectification could be done to the design, coz it would have messed the boarders up and made it look even more of a dogs abortion.

    I do have a tattoo, and got that done from a recommend tattooist, and even seen a lot of his designs before getting it done, and yes i was 19 when i had it done. I dont regret it for one second, but have decided this is the one and only i will have.

    My advice to anyone thinking of having it done, is think about the design you want, and i mean think about it, as your more than likley gonna have it for the rest of your life, even when you are old and wrinkley.
    And for gods sake speak to other people who have had one done, and where they had it done, and who they recommend on going to see.
    and lastly, you stand more chance of liking it more if you have a one off design, so if you see a book cover, or some drawing , take it to the tattoist and ask them if they can do it, any tattooist worth there salt, will tell you there and then what they can or cannot do ( if having a one off , ask for the transfer back at the end of it!)
  7. You're right Rioja. I recall many a soldier in the far and middle east in the 1960s acquiring tattoos. It was, for a while, fashionable in certain Scottish regiments to have stars tattooed on the earlobes and swallows etched onto the web between the forefinger and thumb of each hand. Years later aspiring Warrant Officers realizing that the adornments of their youth looked less than professional went to extremes to have them removed (this before the days of laser surgery) some even had the offending earlobes removed others went through agonizing skin grafts.

    Somewhere in the UK there are more than a few former Jocks (now well into their 60s!) sporting Iban headless bodies tattooed on their throats (a painful process executed by tribesmen in Sarawak using pointed bamboo sticks and a hammer which rendered the recipient speechless for about 48 hours) as a lasting reminder of their service.

    Soldiers will always get tattoos, it's almost a rite of passage, though those contemplating body art should think twice. Laser surgery is very expensive and some inks are almost impossible to erase. What's cool at 19 might not be considered so in ones 40s and beyond!
  8. I have a few tattoos which i had done before all of the tribal designs hit the streets, and therfore my body is adorned with weird ink which i thought was a great idea at the time.

    I agree with what was said before, ask your mates for a good tatooist before having one done, the guy i went to stopped hakf way through to go to the pub. He told me on his return that if he didnt have a regular drink, his hand would shake too much to do the art!!

    He could have told me that before though eh?

    If you are female and are getting a little pig or something on your bum then please wipe your arrse properly before you get it done, i was fortunate enough to be in the shop when the rather embarassed lady was asked to come back another day!!
  9. I once felt 'curious'


  10. Are those pubes at the bottom of the picture? 8O
  11. Ive got MD tattooed on my spunk trumpet, says Made in England when I'm horny
  12. Any artistic embellishments to my Adonis like body would be merely "gilding the lily" :wink:

    For the hard of thinking, that means no, I dont have any tattoos, just an inflated ego. :lol:
  13. Tatts - excellent when done well and carefully thought out, cr@p when done on spur of the moment and by some suspect bloke in a dodgy looking shop. Think about every old barsteward you see with a dodgy tattoo and consider will that happen to me.
  14. think about this before getting inked.

    will you still be wearing the same clothes in 15 years time that you're wearing now ..... no ? why ?

    because you'll look a right f*cking charlie .

    but at least you can simply remove your unfashionable garments , and purchase new ones.

    got mine done at 15 .....

    f*cking right charlie i look to.
  15. think about it this way tho fellas

    in 40 years time, when the 20somthings on this site may be regretting being inked, tattoo removal will probaly have come a long way! think what there is now compared to 1960 (at least that's what I'm telling myself)