Tattoos around scars/war wounds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I've got a big fecking scar the bone doctors keep zipping and unzipping

    Its been going on for three years and I'm contemplating getting a "feck you" humourous tattoo involving said scar

    Has anyone got any links to chad scar tattoos. cut here etc

    Any inspiration gladly received

    It should be paying my mortgage off so I'm not completely fecked off with it

    PS not spazzed on any ops. was a fair and square idiot accident

    Fire away
  2. Medic head on: Far too much risk of infection near to an already complicated site, not worth it.

    Sorry, know it's the NAAFI but you're worth more than a cheap joke.

    PS if you want to make a statement ask the anaesthetist to play Pink Floyd's 'The Final Cut'. Anaesthetists are usually the ones who play music in theatre and they generally have a good sense of humour.
  3. You could always get an image of Al Pacino tatooed around the area.
  4. I had thoughts about getting one near the rather epic jellyfish sting scar on my inner arm, but I think I'll wait a while yet.
  5. open other end!
  6. Not the right reason to get a tattoo if you ask me!!!
    Oh hang on this is the Naafi... Get a big fcuk off Cobra coming out of it and wrapping round :D
  7. If you can stand a large amount of blocking-out,

  8. Unfortunately the real ones not so big. Half of it was blown off in the blast and it's down to 8" :p
  9. I'm having an RIP 'Ripley' memorial tattoo done near my Stoma wound site complete with headstone when they put this massive c*ck shaped beast back in. Apart from sending disgusting pictures to various arrsers of it dropping it's payload complete with hanging beansprouts etc, I'll miss the ugly bstard.
  10. wasted without phots fella :D
  11. from someone who has had scar tissue tattooed over before, make sure it's something you're set on 'cause getting scars tattooed (even little ones) hurts like a mo fo. 8O