Tattoos and REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by Son of RE, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Well, I did post this question in the "main" Tattoos thread, but I haven't yet recieved a sensible answer (that I can see) amongst the silly comments and those in ref. to previous peoples comments/questions, so I'm reposting here to see if I can get an answer...

    The issue of tattoos came up a couple of days ago when I was in Chatham AFCO. The Colour Sergeant I was talking to didn't seem too bothered by mine, but then he was a Para. Thought I'd get some other people to peruse them and give opinions on any detrimental effects they may have on my application (but feel free to comment on the work itself).

    Bit of background first though. I'm currently working on my fitness prior to applying (hoping to go for REME AvTech). I have 2 tattoos, both on my arms. One is covered in short sleeves, the other is not. Obviously both are visible in PT kit. I got them several years ago while at Uni, working on the idea of "Only get something that means something to you, and will do for the rest of your life".

    Like I said, the CSgt wasn't bothered (or didn't seem to be to me at least), but he did say that there could be a hang-up about the fact that the large one extends some distance below my elbow.

    Pics (these are fairly old):

    Large one (not finished yet, but the linework is mostly done)-


    As you can see, it extends a good 4 to 5 inches below the elbow. Is it likely to hinder my application to the corps in any way? I wouldn't consider it to be offensive, but certain types may I guess...

    The smaller one is definately not offensive, but given some people's general stigmatising of tattooed people...

    Smaller one-


    Any Corps-specific hang-ups spring to mind? Are these tattoos likely to hinder my applying to the Army in any way generally?
  2. Oh cock off your bore.....if its a problem you will soon find out! If you want opinions.....they are shit tats.....NEXT
  3. REME is very particular about tattoos, they are completely banned in the Corps. REME sets itself apart from the rest of the British Army and set higher standards of appearance due to the high profile work completed by the corps.
    Sorry, I think you'll have to join a different corps.
    I'm surprised the CSgt at AFCO Chatham wasn't aware of the issue, he really should have been briefed by now.
  4. Come on Nige I think you spinning this fellow a line here, I'm sure Ive seen a directive somewhere that states the only tattoos suitable for REME soldiers are "Mum" in a red loveheart on the forearm, Ohm's law tattooed across the knuckles and your blood group tattooed promininetly on the forehead
  5. No I agree with Nige. You're def not REME material if you have tatts like that. Not only do they show that you have no imagination, make silly decisions but it also shows that you have arms like noodles.
    Maybe RLC driver?

  6. You may have a few diffs into getting into REME with those Tattoos. My mum was WRAC and later rebadged to the RLC as a female driver. Her tats never hampered her promotion or getting her LE Commission. She retired as a Major 7yrs ago.

    Mum >


    Her last tour was as OC of an AFCO. The minimum entry for RLC Driver you should have at least 20% of your body inked if male and 23% inked if female.

    Guidelines for RLC (Driver) >

  7. Says you with your Regt No in resistor colour bands on your left calf and your Hammer and Pincers on your right shoulder! It wouldn't surprise me if you've got the radar range equation inside your bottom lip (backwards so you can read it in a mirror).

    I understand Recovery Mechanics are allowed a tear on the cheek for successfully skiffing the incumbent head of Corps (Corps Instruction E7?). This last happened with Tetlow and is the real reason he left in such a hurry. Same instruction details the requirement to get LOVE and HAT if they've lost a knuckle. Costs can be claimed back on JPA.
  8. I really dont know why the Army has such a hard on over tats. Aslong as they aint offensive wats the prob? Granted a tat of a naked lady may be offensive in some theatres but then just our presence is ussually deemed offensive anyway. Back in the 80s there was a great lil tat studio in Bielefeld who got a roaring trade from the guys stationed in and around that area, the only rule applied then was if it goes septic & you have to go sick with it , you,ll be up on a charge. There were some fuckin horrors etched onto guys arms after a night of heavy drinking I seem to recall.

  9. Yeah LT you're right. Pressganging as well, they did that in your day didn't they?

    Oh and soldier-W, why the feck would I have a radar range tat when Im an ECE?! Come on dear boy, keep up. Those freckles on my face aren't inked on!
  10. Recy Mechs don't have tats on their knuckles - the tats get abraded off when they walk.
  11. My tattoos aren't just colourful pictures, they have a deeper meaning, thank you. And as to the noodle arms: those pictures are old, and I've not got the money to waste on extravagent items like digital cameras.

    So much for hoping for sensible answers. I guess I came to the wrong place :p

    EDIT: Final line is in jest, not actually snapping at anyone.
  12. - Yep, shows you have at least a small amount of common sense hidden beneath your tats
  13. First of all lets clarify the Army doesn't have issues with tattoo unless they are on the neck face or hands. Just clarify from your puny arms you are a girl??

  14. Them tatts are as chad as your ******* Dad....
  15. What are you going to do with the other 58 minutes of your lunch hour?