Tattooed? Overweight? Criminal record?Your country needs you

haha. just read that an*l sh*t. by my experience alone i think that 90% of squaddies have tattoo's and of that 90% - 35% have their tattoo's in clear view. i dont see how this will make a blind bit of difference to what we already have. Besides, the chubby ones still have to be able to pass their BFT before they can pass training.

this newspaper is a joke and becuase they cant fill their unintresting pages with anything intresting, they are falling in line with other newspapers and having their own little poke at the army.

Bunch of boring civvy Sh*t C*nts.
do you know if this is £20million in one year or over a number of years??

ar yes, but did you know most squaddies are purfect and dont have a record and have never punched a living sole ? :)
"In 2006, the Army raised the BMI barrier for male recruits from 28 to 32"

Has it really though? I have a BMI of 29 and was deferred outright until the medical staff at my local ADSC received numerous images of my physique to confirm it wasn't flab. Even then I was told I'll be getting assessed with skin fold calipers at my medical to further confirm it's muscle and not fat, & obviously pass the physical fitness tests. This was only a few weeks ago.

Still seems quite rigorous maintaining of standards from my limited perspective as someone in the process of enlistment. Places for RRS were also filled for all the January & February intakes when I was at my ACIO in November, so again doesn't seem like "struggling to recruit" from my limited perspective.
speedybham said:
do you know if this is £20million in one year or over a number of years??

ar yes, but did you know most squaddies are purfect and dont have a record and have never punched a living sole ? :)
Why would any squaddie want to punch a fish ?.


msr said:
Surely a £4,000 bonus scheme would see 5,000 people join up as we enter an economic recession?

But then there'd be nothing to spend on consultants, advertising executives and outreach workers to take the blame if it dooesn't work.

Recruit more heroin/meth addicts, they're never fat!

They're used to covert movement at night and day, they have E&E skills (Urban) and they don't mind living in sh1t accommo... :wink:
No problems with fatties coming in. Let´s be honest. The uk is suffering from a large number of fat people, deny them entry and you are only reducing the numbers who are eligible for joining.

Set up a special fatty platoon in the training regiments, to bring them up to speed. To reduce the stigma make it harder. ie thinnies only need 44 press ups to pass, fatties platoon need 55. That will give the fatties a bit of esteem and reduce possible bully avenues, after allthey have now worked harder to get in.

The old Rowallan Coy attendees at RMAS used to be held in high esteem despite it being essentially a rememdail coy. It could be similar to Hunter Coy at CTC.

Are tattoos really a problem?

Keep the adverts money and spend it where it will do some good. retention, accomdoation and education oppurtunies in the Forces. We have walking adverts, the yooung toms themselves. Get them on to the satisfied solider scheme and you are away. But you need truely satisfied soldiers in the first place.

What was the saying on "The Office", satisfy one customer and he will tell five others, annoy him and he will tell 15?
BONE UP GANG !! now its muslims undermining the medical community having access to proprietory

information, undermining the legal system and homeland security.

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