Discussion in 'Officers' started by Briton, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that officers were not allowed tattoo's, does anyone know if this is true or not?
  2. Well, common sense will tell you that a few officers will have one.

    It depends on what and where!

    Offensive tats will be a no-no whereas the decent tribal, not visible in shirt sleeve order will hardly raise an eyebrow!
  3. If you remember reading about it maybe you'd be good enough to let us know where you read it.

    I think you'll find many officers if you visit this tattoo website.
  4. HA HA HA
  5. Yep got one on my upper arm tribal band type. Still commissioned.
  6. I knew a 2Lt with her tongue pierced. 8O

    She also had a wasn't on any of her forearms either......young female subaltern's today :oops:
  7. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This has been covered before and the common sense rule that if it's covered up in shirt sleeve order, you're OK, seems to be the general guidance.

    The RAF refused my brother-in-law's application because of two tattoos - the Army said yes, he went through Sandhurst with them with no dramas and has now been an officer for 9-10 years with them.

    No-one has passed comment except to praise the artwork!
  8. Not their fault, the Hilton won't allow guests with tattoos, so he couldn't be deployed overseas.
  9. "Well we have seen some fine anti-Crab Air postings this year and while offering a special mention to Major Louden of 3PARA, the prize for the best anti-Crab Air posting 2006 goes to Whiffler...."
  10. Got my RCB coming up and was worried through the whole process becuase of my tatoo, but finally asked about it and its fine as long as its:

    1. Not offensive (NAZI, KKK anything like that)
    2. Not visible in uniform
  11. Is that either/or? :twisted:
  12. I once saw an officer with this tattoo
  13. It all depends what and where. I would suggest a discreet ying and yang sign at the base of the spine would not be a problem.

    "WANDSWORTH 1991-1999, D WING MAXIMUM MAN-TAKER" On the forehead may well, however, present issues...
  14. Isn't he a major in the Scots DG?
  15. Most of the Officers in my Regiment have got the same tattoo after our CO got one done.

    They are very small (an elephant) and cannot be seen when in uniform. I can only assume that if a CO gets one done then they must be allowed to.