Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by flieslikeabeagle, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. My mate went to get a tattoo of an indian warrior on his back. Half way through he said "Don't forget to put a big tomahawk in his hand".

    The tattooist said "Give us a chance mate, I've only just finished his turban!!!"
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  2. Indian does not equal sikh you unfunny cunt.
  3. Well logically speaking Sikhs are part of India.
  4. 1.8% of the population is hardly representative. I have not come to expect anything less from you AK, you are afterall, an expert on everything.
  5. pagri uchaalna ?

    Not only Sikhs who wear turbans you humourless tit.
  6. Alright Steven, there are some Rajistani men that wear a Pagari, perhaps a few thousand, further there are the Maharashtra guys that wear a form of Turban, called the pheta or something along those lines. Another group is in the South of Karnataka, can't remember what they call theirs. The one group of Indians that stand out with their turban (and proudly so for the most part) are the Sikhs with his dastars. Anyone who does not get that has either never been to India or is an absolute choot.
  7. My problem with India was drinking way too many Chota Pegs - and I only saw one "assistant" with a snake belt around his turban in two years
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  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    And your just a dull one!
  9. How many famous Indian warriors are depicted not wearing a turban though?

    I probably am an absolute choot TBH but it's friday so who cares :)
  10. I love cunts, so I don't mind being called one, even if it's a dull one. Every cunt is a good cunt in my books.

    Just added: I love steven too then!
  11. viceroy considering your such a dull pedantic cunt why do you bother opening the "joke" thread?


    Just in case you need to have humour explained: Jokes contain a certain amount of assumptions, which are then challenged by the punchline. The release of tension provokes a reaction, sometimes in the form of a laugh or perhaps in the form of a groan. This was one that should have - and probably did - provoked a laugh.

    Except in you. Wind your fuckin' neck in
  13. ahh..just being a pedantic choot ..but thats ok..after is who wants a fight?
  14. FFS it was a joke you irritable cunt................... don't want to read a joke don't open the fucking joke page........ stick to the serious bit on this web site.................. if I offended you because you are indian.... well , it was a joke.... if it was because you are from the fun police you can kiss my arse
  15. Made me laugh, but then it seems i'm a sad old ugly cunt, so sorry no reccommendation