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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bakes0310, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Im joining the army very soon (got my basic training date) and i cant wait. Im very fond of the regiment im joining and read about the history watched some programs about them, and spoke to ex-servicemen.
    Anyway im getting a tattoo wednesday on my chest which basically will have some latin on it that reads the regiments motto.
    This leads me to some questions:

    1. Will some soldiers in basic (especially soldiers in the regiment) have an issue with this?

    2. With the tattoo being on my chest, it will never be seen unless im shirtless, so there wont be any issue me having a tattoo in the first place?

    3. whats there rules on tattos in the army?

    Thanks in advance for the replys :D
  2. I wouldnt until you are properly a member of that regiment. I think they may take exception
    (I'm only guessing as I've yet to start, thus I am keeping my neck thoroughly wound in)
  3. 1: phone your careers office 8)
    2: you should of read the tatoo form when you applied 8O
  4. Don't be a knob. Wait til you've been in your Regt 6 months, then get it done. Better still, wait til you've done a tour with them.
  5. What happens if you dont pass your training?

  6. The rules on tattoos will be explained to you in the selection process. Your chest shouldn't be a problem, but read the policy first. I would recommend waiting until you join the regiment and have been in a bit before having this done; you may well fair or be rejected for medical reasons, or you may have a change of heart (it happens), and a tattoo on your chest is a pretty permanent reminder (and it's unlikely to be looked on too highly by the DS or your regiment when you first arrive; what do you think the reaction to someone who had para wings tattooed on before passing P coy or parachute training would be? A bit frosty, perhaps).
  7. I recall the plant pot I was at school with who joined the Booties and got a load of Corps tattoos. He was promptly injured about week five of training and was discharged. What a twot he looks now but to be fair he doesn't walt it up and is up front with the truth.
  8. Wouldnt bother mate, i was gonna get the QDG crest on my chest when i finish basic but its better to wait till you have at least served with the regiment or they'll just think your a cnut :)
  9. As far as I am aware, no tattoo's that can be seen in long sleeve order, i.e on the hands/wrist or neck /face. I would also advise against getting a regimental tattoo until you have been there for a while.

    Hope this help.

  10. Bakes,Dont listen to them mate, get your arse down the parlour ASAP,If you dont like it or transfer you can always get a new one ?
  11. Don't do it

    some of the adult (16+) cadets in my Det asked our parent unit about this and got some very bad replies. They do not like anyone that has not earned the right to have them, they made it clear that cadets and trainees did not have the right
  12. It's a respect thing i think, get one when you earn the respect of the regiment you wish to join, until then just get something loosely related to what you want to do, for example i was planning on getting a tank tattoo when i finish my training as Im going to be a tankie.
  13. You do mean 18+? You are not legally an adult until 18 years of age.
  14. Dont have a tattoo done ,I had a tatto done without thinking and it was the biggest regret of my life ,