Tattoo removal

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DISCOS, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Ladies and Gents, I’ve been thinking a while about getting a tattoo removed from my forearm, I’ve spoken to my GP who couldn’t recommend any practises. I’ve looked on the Internet but have doubts about the quality of removal. I’ve seen the state of some of the outcomes of removal and would rather keep it then spend a fortune and end up with a massive scar or half of my tattoo left, I used to know a guy who had one from his forearm removed and it looked superb, no trace left, but that was removed in Aberdeen. Anywhere in the North West would be the best.
    Due to working abroad I am only back in the UK every three months and only for 3 weeks.
    Apart from bleach and scotch brite and info would be brilliant
    Thanks in advance
  2. I've seen a few that have been removed and all have left a red blemish, similar to a birth mark.....

    Is it because the tattoo is on the forearm that you want it removing? If not have you considered a cover up?
  3. cait is got a good point i have many tattoos and thought of removal but you are better to get them covered up

    watch the video
  4. Apparently, (this is all second hand) all colours apart from green can be removed by laser treatment.

    Can't remember why but you have to get another sort of treatment to have geen removed.
  5. yea its because its on my forearm, Union Jack but have been turned down for the police because its racist etc.
    Would rather have it removed.
  6. Get yourself to Edinburgh for the weekend Discos and I will do the job for nowt with my leatherman. You may wish to bring your own supply of blood (if you are a rare type), strong drink, analgesia and something to bite down on (pillow would do).

    Please bring blow torch if leatherman is unacceptable. Don't forget they can't discriminate burns victims and you may actually get fast tracked to your dream of ploddom.
  7. No ta, I was there for the Firemans strike (Op Fresco) smells of cat food.

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    Again no thanks
    Anybody else with any advice?

  8. You could argue that if you joined CID and had to infiltrate a gang of right-wing terrorists the tattoo would be an invaluble piece of your disguise!

    Try a different force, don't the MOD plod accept waifs and strays?
  9. just get sleeved up and dont even think about being a pig!!
  10. For Tattoo removal, why not ring Med Support Unit at Hereford, they have contact numbers for decent Tattoo removal pracitioners so that the blades can have all their embarrasing 3 Para Mortar Brown Wing Tattoos removed. This helps to prevent them being bummed by the Taleban being prone to capture.
  11. I had a tatoo removed by laser last year. The tatoo was on my upper left arm and was just in black ink. Laser treatment cost me £100 per session and it took 11 sessions to remove.

    My treatment lasted about 10 minutes and I then had to wait 4 weeks between each treatment in order to allow the tatoo to fade.

    Quite painful quite expensive but worth it, my tatoo has totally gone.

    Go to google and look for tattoo removal, I had mine done in Harley Street in London, but know they have other clinics.
  12. I have heard that laser tatoo removal is available Hasler, thrugh the forces. Its worth checking out.

    Cover ups are great remedy but they can look very dark and draw more attention to themselves. A coverup needs to be slightly bigger and darker than the original tat so that it "does what it says on the tin" cover up.
  13. It's a private company within Haslar called Lasercare. Gingwarr is correct in saying that it doesn't get rid of green (they use a different type of laser, but it isn't so effective).

    I also paid over £1000 (12 or 13 sessions if I recall), same process as babiesarm went through, and although I wasn't under any illusion that it would be 100% removed the tat itself has gone. Only bit left is a stupid green ring.

    The laser also destroys the skin's natural pigment, so it won't tan where you've been zapped. I have the number at Haslar if it's any use (they have other branches throughout the country).

    P.S. It hurts like buggery (not that I've tried buggery!)
  14. since when? its our nations flag FFS. even if any ethnics wanted to complain, THATS THEIR F*CKING FLAG TOO.. they are over here, they swear allegance to it. can you imagine Americans being ashamed of their national symbol?
    i'd understand if it was a tattoo of a bulldog chewing on a "member of an ethnic minority" but to exclude someone for a flag? the world is going P.C mad....