tattoo quote idea?


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me and my sister and dad want matching army tats thought id askk for some idea's
para wings.

dad can pretend to be an 80's porn star extra
you can be a mike golden clone of if you are a girl then see below -
sister wears a badge of ownership :)
Not wanting to seem thick but do you mean "Mercians"?


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naafi bar rules love - if it wasn't me it would be others and probably much worse. :)

especially as the mercian regt motto is 'stand firm, strike hard' on a girls thigh would look like instructions for a suitor to follow so maybe latin or sanskrit if you can find a decent transaltion

as to laptop most likely fingers too fast on keyboard


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1st rule of naafi bar - everyone is a jimmy saville
I suggest that you do not get any tattoo until you are mature enough to know what you want permenantly etched onto your skin.
Do not get any regi tattoos until you have served in that regt. Otherwise you will look like the biggest cunt in whatever regt you do actually serve in or a complete and utter Walt cunt if you get to serve.
Your sister should not get a regi tattoo until she has been shagged by at least half of the regt.

Please post a picture of your sister showing as much skin as possible so that we can give suggestions as to what might look good on her. (I have deliberatly left that open for comments such as a pair of rotweilers, two gallons of spunk or the greadier guards.)
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