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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Andyvfr, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. Just a quick one:

    I have my medical coming up soon and obviously im going to have to show my tattoo's. The cause for concern is i have a gibberish tattoo on my right arse cheek which my mates kindly put there when i was passed out drunk abroad.... The tattoo contains the word "*******," its not offensive in any way other than that word(It says Crikey! Its a ******* snapper, just to put it in context). I've left it untouched up to now because i think its quite funny and it isnt exactly visible.

    Going to be an issue or am i going down to the nearest tattoo shop to get "*******" scribbled over?

  2. The medical officer probably won't even see it. Even if he does it's no biggie. Don't worry about it.
  3. You'll be fine. Just don't get any on your hands or neck, you're on a sticky wicket then.
  4. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    What the book says:Non-Visible Area. Recruiting authorities can only act on those tattoos(s) seen or declared by the Candidate. Candidates are to be made aware that any undeclared tattoo(s), particularly those that are offensive, obscene or racist, which are observed either during selection (by non-medical staff) or subsequent to their enlistment or re-enlistment, will result in the end of the selection process or discharge on the basis of it being detrimental to the Service.Your choice
  5. Haven't you burned it off with a hot poker? You'd never have passed the medical for the SS.
  6. unless you at a raving hom night, no one will see it, unless you and Jarrod are in the showers together
  7. I have a large 'W' in each cheek.

  8. WOW ??
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  9. W*W ??

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  10. "Sup rec" is right about what recruiting instructions say but QRs are a little more general for soldiers in service, saying that anything offensive or obscene, are unnacceptable. The Army is working on getting its policy on tattoos more cohesive between recruiting and "in service".

    Given its normally hidden position I do not think that you have too much to be concerned about. Only if it becomes an issue should you consider obliterating it.
  11. Get an umlaut added over the u, immediately it becomes inoffensive other than to people who are refuckingtarded.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Block out the 'n' and join the RE.
  13. I have W W on my flaccid member, but when im erect it reads Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Thats the SLR of old jokes
  14. As far as I am aware, it won't be a problem unless you intend to display your bare arse in public while on duty.

    If you join a highland regiment wearing a kilt whilst on parade in high winds might be a problem. Some black tape will provide a temporary solution under these circumstances.

  15. I have Shorty tattooed on mine ! When I get an erection (seldom nowadays) it reads Shorty's Tyre and Battery Service Wisconson USA - Open 9am-4.30pm by Appointment Only)