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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ineedacigg, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone help me with a tattoo design i'm thinking of getting?,

    I had the idea of a sleeve with sketches of sappers in action during the past hundred years upto the present time maybe, smaller sketch art of different conflicts making up a larger sleeve??,

    any thoughts on war artists from different conflicts WW1 WW2..Falklands ect..

  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Get a combat engineer tractor driving over a Zulu's head, then get an AVRE track pad placed under the skin, beneath the tattoo.

    To finish the tattoo off beautifully, get 'DAFT WEDGE CUNT' accross your forehead in an italic and bold font.
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  3. Unless you have arms that are roughly the same size as the average RLC female's torso then won't trying to get something like that into a sleeve look a bit shit? The pictures will have to be tiny and you'd have to have a magnifying glass to see any of them I'd have thought.
  4. Best thing you could get is some barb wire tattooed round your looks mint and in no way will you hang your head in shame every time you catch sight of it 16 years later
  5. have bellend or acab tattooed across your forehead.
    that will impress the ladies!
  6. Did it not occur to you (as it does to anyone else) that it's a fucking gash idea?
  7. A Dannert coil would look so much cooler running up one arm and a Giant Viper hose up the other. How about an EBFI bladder on your beer gut, then maybe a low wire entanglement on your back with LT Chard spreadeagled on it. On one leg a Bailey panel and on the other an MGB panel.
    Don't forget the Wedges badge tatooed on your forehead, over your left eye mind, nowhere near your ear.

    Do tell us how you get on.
  8. Just get KNOB tattooed in the space between yer eyes.
  9. I think its a cracking idea, you should just go for it mate, no holding back now!
  10. How about a bunch of ditch diggers..sorry Engineers..pulling a daisy chain on each other.....much more authentic,all sunk to the nuts in each other..Ubique!!
  11. ineedacigg, top of a 12 story building, both hands across your chest....go..
  12. He doesn't want him putting his hands out to stop himself getting hurt....
  13. What model of laptop are you thinking of including to represent MWF?
  14. if youre in the army and youre a guy message me asap
  15. Unexpectedly pregnant are we?
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