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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by geordiesquirrel, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. :!: im doing fundraiser for help for heroes..... im getting a tattoo of a squaddies wife(pin up) on my leg, shes gonna be wearing skimpy dpm boob tube, a helmet and heeled boots lol. its being done by a squaddie too.

    i am a squaddies wife, my hubby is in iraq so hes not here to stop me plus he thinks i wont do it...hehe yeah right, im doing my bit for our men and women,in a twisted way but hey, so it represents the women left behind....yes its gonna be a real one..yes its gonna hurt like foook but im nails lol.

    so far h4h are very interested in this event as it is bizzare but im dissapointed that im not getting any interest.
    i think i may have been targeting the wrong areas.

    so people please can you help me out .

    please spread this link, donations can be made through this link also.
    all the details can be found here as well.

    thank you all x

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  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    here's an a PM to Cpl Ripper and ask him to do a mock up of your design for you as a .jpg to use as your avatar....get a bit of interest going......also, he might be able to work up a T-shirt design for you on the same might even persuade someone else to get it done (in return for a donation !).

    Also, check here -

    Good luck.

    Le Chevre
  3. thanks for the tips, i have an image already just trying to addapt it.
    its a ron vernon image that was purchased by squaddies wives as their web cover page, ive been given permission by the creator to use it.

    once ive changed a few bits...if i can ill post it on the jusgiving page

  4. okay i have now uploaded a picture of the tattoo to be!
    my donation link is

    (and im my reply to stokes comments......apart from making yourself look like a complete twat remarks like that i can only conclude that if.....BIG are married you obviously have great knowledge of a large wife! (i hope shes as dissapointed with the size of your ****)
    speaking of dicks...if your head hasnt deflated yet you could join me and get one tattooed on your head!
    grrr..i hate men like u...give the decent army lads a bad name.)

    had to let that out for all us big and small wives!
    admins please feel free to delete if you think stokes might be ashamed of himself!
  5. also remember why im having this crazy permanent tattoo engraved on myself......the money raised will go direct to help for heroes!

    (for those who wish to make snide remarks please keep them to yourself and think one day the money raised may have to help you out! )
  6. come on people!!
  7. If you are goodlooking you should post a picture up (with blacked out eyes if necessary).It'll get more donations in.
    In fact you could auction photos of body parts for donations. I'm sure some will buy as long as you arent a pig :D
  8. Can't fault the sentiment. However you do realise that you will look like a tramp for the rest of your life? Can't you think of another way to raise the money?