Tattoo agony worse than being blown up...


WAR hero Johnson Beharry had his Victoria Cross tattooed on his back – and says it hurt more than being blown up.

The brave driver, 28, was awarded Britain’s top military gong after saving 30 comrades’ lives in two ambushes.
He suffered horrific head injuries in a blast inches from his face – but said the five visits to his local tattooist were WORSE.
Lance Corporal Beharry said: “Having this tattoo done was the worst pain I have experienced in my life. I suffered more for this than being in the blast.

“I just had to grit my teeth and think of the British Army.”
L/Cpl Beharry is the first living soldier to get the VC in 40 years. He says he got the tattoo so he “never has to take it off”.
As the design was finished yesterday after six months of sessions, the Grenada-born soldier said: “At last I feel the medal is part of me.”
Tattooist David Groves, 28, of High Wycombe, Bucks, said: “It was a dream job for me.”
Beharry was awarded the VC in March 2005 – ten months after a rocket-propelled grenade blast.
It sent bone splinters into his brain and his eyes filled with blood – but he still drove eight comrades from the First Battalion, Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment to safety.

A month earlier Beharry braved bullets to drive troops out of another ambush in Al-Amarah, Iraq.


Wonder if I can find anyone to put my Telic gong on my back....
This will be fun :D

For what it's worth it's his body, he won the gong so who are we to tell him what he can and can't do.

I wouldn't get it done personally but I think it looks slick (as in the art work - thumbs up to the Tatooist).

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