Tattoo after ADSC but before basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RAMCTOM, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Quick question. I passed ADSC earlier this month, but because of the job im going for, I’m not likely to start basic until Oct at the earliest. I was thinking of getting a new tattoo on my upper arm this week. Is this likely to pose any issues, seeing as I have already declared my existing tattoos at ADSC. Obviously from a hygiene point of view the tattoo will be long healed by Oct.

    Thanks Tom.
  2. Wait until after Basic then there will be no wee mix ups if you know what I mean.
  3. It's OK if it is one of your capbadge. Encouraged, almost.
  4. What about if i got a new tat form from AFCO.
  5. What I would consider is I only have to wait until October can I wait to get it done until I get to Aldershot, at which time no one will care as long as it is on the upper arm hidden in shirt sleeve order, or get it now turn up get medical find it is was not on my identifying marks list and open a bag of worms (tat form lost in the post). Just wait and get it for Christmas if it is that important. In Arduis Fidelis.
  6. fair comment.. I'll wait, cheers for the responce.
  7. Get the tat, I got a tat after i joined and have never told anyone, now i've left and they still don't know!!! If your that worried get the tat then when you get to basic tell them there, as long as the tat isn't offensive etc it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. lol i'll ask afco tomo.
  9. I've had a tatt on my inner wrist since ADSC and start basic next month. Hardly going to cause any dramas. As long as it's not offensive or on your forehead etc!

    In the medical, the doc only asked for ONE tatt to use as a distinguishing mark! Just get it done. They won't give a sh*t pal!
  10. Erm i literally used two sheets for my declaration form! I guess as long as it has had time to heal and that you declare it imediately on start of your initial training you should (fingers crossed) be okay
  11. New tattoos are perfectly acceptable as long as glow in the dark ink is used and the area tattooed is your penis. This way you can make a effective rear man at night on patrols by simplying unzipping your flies.
  12. Get tats, hundreds of them. Best is to get one of those goth' twirly ones on your shoulder and/or forearm, you won't look a cnut I promise and absolutely no one has them and girls will think you're such a great shag. :roll: Then go out and find a nice young lady with a pierced belly button and a small tat on her lower back just above her sticking out g-string. The rarity of a geezer and bird with these matching tats must be a million to one, you'll be like celebs, talk of the town and be chauffered pink limo on a Saturday night. You might think you'll look like chavs but I assure you that you won't. :roll:
  13. [​IMG]

    Get that, nobody else has it.
  14. I have had a tattoo since ADSC. It's not like they tell you not to get any tattoo's before basic. It can't cause much of a drama.

    I'll probably just mention it when I attend AFCO to swear allegiance tomorrow.