Tattoo Advice, Please Help

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by aw12g10, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. You will be fine, as it is not visible in working dress and not offensive.
  2. you have to explain exactly why you got hero scratched in to your chest first.....
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  3. it was meant to be a kind of symbollic 'be honest, be true, be noble' type thing. really didn't think about how it would be viewed by others. so you don't think it classes as offensive? obvious no disrespect intended to true serving heros is my main aim right now.
  4. It is a word with no negative links to it. Not my cup of tea, but harming no-one. I know several officers with much more ridiculous ink.
  5. Doesn't sound offensive - youre the one who's had it done. Timble is right - as long as it can't be seen it shouldn't be an issue. But mate, really?
  6. i know i know. unfortunately it doesnt mean to anyone that sees it, the same that it means to me. will definitely get it covered before sandhurst, but glad to know it won't impede my progress through main board
  7. Are you going to cover it with another tat?I suppose you could have 'I need a...." on the right side of your chest?
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  8. It shouldn't be a bar to entry, but seriously, get it covered. Can you imagine the arse-kicking you'll get if the DS spot it? What were you thinking?
  9. thats a better idea than converting it to 'herpes'....ha! I was going to get either some tribal design, or tiger or koi or something
  10. Laser removal's not an option?
  11. Change it to 'Herodotus' and say that you're a fan of the classics, or even The English Patient?
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  12. laser far too expensive. what do you think would be an appropriate cover?
  13. Go see a tattooist who specialises in cover-up work, you'll get better advice than from a collection of randomers on the internet. PM me if you're in the Midlands and I'll recommend a few.
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    Para Wings !
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