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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by royalmile, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. I want to plant some tatties in an old MFO box this year. Grateful for suggestions of what variety of new potatoes I should plant. I am looking for a variety that tastes like new potatoes used to taste like and not the bland rubbish you get in supermarkets now.
  2. I recently grew potatoes and managed a magnificent crop of small albeit incredibly tasty spuds.

    They had a unique flavour and one hell of a spicy kick.

    I think the variety was called "birds eye chillies".

    Yours helpfully,

  3. Grownup_Rafbrat

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    Anything you grow and eat fresh from the soil will taste better than something that's been stored for ages.

    I've had success with growing 'Charlotte' in a dustbin.

    available from Marshalls at

    Anya and Vivaldi are also quite tasty

    Basically I'd suggest trying these packs of three or five varieties. Keep them very wet, but with lots of drainage in the bottom. You can get two crops a year - Summer and Christmas.

    And grow some mint as well!
  4. spike7451

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    Anya's are nice in a summer salad or steamed & buttered.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I think you can
  6. The best first early in my opinion is a variety called


    It isn't a good commercial variety because it has rather deep eyes and a tender skin, but for flavor it is unbeatable .

    It has been on the go since 1896 and you should grow it for no other reason than the EEC tried to ban it at one time.


    they will be in an old swing bin of mine... should do well in an MFO box (remember, in a container, plant spuds close, a foot of growing medium underneath and as the leaves grow up, keep pouring on more medium, water daily and Bobs your Uncle. :D
  7. Many thanks for your advice. MFO box and 4 bins should do the trick!
  8. I grew charlotte last year and they were lovely. The only disadvantage is that they are readily available in the shops, although mine did taste more 'potatoey'!

    This year I am growing 'Red Duke of York' and 'Lady Crystyl'. According to the potato tasting that was held at the allotments last year, the latter was the favourite.
  9. Check your PMs royalmile please.
  10. Have grown both of these varieties with great success:

    International Kidney. Same as a Jersey Royal.
    Arran Pilot. Lovely old fashioned new potato taste.

    You need to get them chitting quite soon.