tatt-do or tatt-dont

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cupid_stunt, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. hey so part way through my application now and on my form i specified no tattoos, however now i am reconsidering and want a tattoo, having said i dont have any, and not having my ADSC yet should i get it done, or wait, if i wait can i mention my intention at ADSC and then get it before basic?
  2. you could always be a throbber (ala Mike Golden) and have the cap badge of the mob you want to join tattooed to you, then when you sack it/get sacked after 2 weeks spend forever bullshitting to anyone who will listen that got kicked out for being too hard and deadly after deploying all over the world.

    if youre going to have a tat wait until youve finished basic.
  3. im in the position as you... want a tattoo on my lower back and i told the recruiter and he said it wuld be fine as long as it isnt offensive or in view for when you on parade... but i forgot to ask him when would be the best time, when i was on an insight course they said it would be best before joining so im guessing phase 1 :/

    but am actually interested in the answers for this one XD
  4. Personally, pre ADSC/Phase 1, dont bother. The tattoo can take months to heal and you dont want it under any stress and you to be in pain from it etc etc. Even if you wait until you're sent to your unit?
  5. Especially, if you consider the Bergen work you'll be doing...muchos pain springs to mind :)

    Don't bother before hand chum!
  6. imagine the pain, imagine the blood OH IMAGINE THE BLOOD :p
  7. fair point fellas :p

    think il deffo wait XD
  8. Why be a twat and get it done now, especially with consideration of it creating issues. Are you that much of a mong you can't wait a bit longer, it's a bit of ink under your skin, it can fecking wait.
  9. ok all fair points but if i were to still go ahead and get inked can i just announce it at ADSC or tell someone at ADSC ready for basic?
  10. Why the rush to get ink?
  11. the doctor at adsc double checked my tatt form.. get it done and tell your recruiter and let the doctor know when you get there.. no one will give a s*** as you're a civvie still
  12. one of my mates has decided to get me inked fo my birthday, but im not sure whether i should (i want to) having said im clean on the app.
  13. Unless you're binned until it heals.
  14. Does he own you? Are you his beeatch? Don't risk something going wrong with it, fcuking up your blood and causing you problems in basic. The world can cope with one less bulldog tattoo.
  15. Haha Mike Golden. I persume the person asking the question knows about him, i mean who dosen't :rmp:

    He's one tough nut that lad :p