Tatoo Removal

I have been asked by one of my oppo's wether it is possible to get tatoos removed whilst in the Army, As the Army are willing to fund sex changes and breast jobs told him that i don't see why not. Can any ARRSERs confirm if it is possible to have them removed courtesy of the taxpayer?


I think (IIRC) that the Army used to pay for any tatoos on hands to removed. Not sure on anywhere else.

Why should it pay at all though? You paid to put them on, you pay to get 'em off.

Same detail with breast enlargements, and sex changes. Can't see why the Army pays for these. I can understand breast reduction if it helps the lass ie PT.
You used to be able to get it done through the Naval hospital at Haslar years ago as they used to have the tools for it, however that was a long time ago and tattoo removal has come on a little since then.

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