tatoo removal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pèntwyn, May 24, 2006.

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  1. i would like to ask if any one knows the best way to remove or cover up an embaresing tatoo my freind ad one done when she was a bit drunk and realy regrets it. in my oppinion it looks realy nice its a lynx helicopter with army camo colours and the name mikey in olive and sky blue old english writing. any help would be helpful thank you
  2. cut it off at the head!
  3. its on her bottom
  4. Sue the tattooist - no reputable one would tattoo a drunkard..................................
  5. That wouldn’t be the tattoo on your arrse that you had done in honor of Flash would it? :lol:

    Dig it out with a carving knife and then bleach the wound to prevent infection, hope this helps.
  6. You`ve obviously never been to Union Street in Plymouth :D
  7. Read the guest book and you’ll understand what she’s talking about, it’s very weird… :roll:
  8. exactly
  9. Have it re-worked into Appache, much more current. Or she could keep her pants on or keep the light switched off.
  10. A lynx helicopter on her arrse? Sounds really sexy! :S

    Tattoo removal involved burning away the skin and scars quite badly I think. So it's a tradeoff I guess between having a chopper on your arrse or a nasty great big scar.
  11. I think she has enough scars on her as it is :lol:
  12. On a more serious note....

    Do the forces still let you get free tat removals like the nineties?????
  13. Do tell.
  14. Mmm that's good mong
  15. Good one. Irony, I think it's called. :(