Tastes like a Norgie! Ugh!

No, not the wife but my Aladdin go-cup/thermos thing. How do you get rid of the "I can't believe its not coffee" flavour on a tea fill and the reverse on a coffee fill?

Is there some old squaddies trick to restore "freshness" to a thermos or go-cup...bicarb, half a live toad (difficult to pull off) or vinegar or some such?

Any reasonable suggestions considered, any unreasonable suggestions can always be passed on to people I don't really like...

The offending item...

They're only a fiver, just buy a new one.

Fucking pikey.
Cheap basteward, use it till stuff grows out of it then bin it
I've tried washing up liquid

I am not a Pikey and so diversely opposite from them, that that is considered a declaration of war!

vodka is a thought but not necessarily a helpful one...

The five pounds I paid for it earlier under this gobmint is now woth £27,000

Come on!!!
ask your qcms or sqms for those big bleach tablets he has for sterlising norgies.......

Or just use your issue thermal mug, or pm me and i]I will throw you the one that has stayed in the locker for 4 years and never been used.
Rinse with a water/Milton fluid solution. Either that or add a splash of Domestos to your brew.


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From the home brew crew: Young's brew Sterilizer and Cleaner.

That'll do it!
i have one similar in my taxi..
you just get used to the flavour..



As said use denture cleaning tablets (brand name Corega) out of Aldi/Lidl. use more than one tablet with boiling water for these cups. Then after that rinse and use some lemon juice and boiling water. always leave lid of when not in use. Before this I used the old bicarbe.
This is a R Signals Radio Relay ritual after returning in to camp. Similar to that of the Japanese tea and sushi ritual (as seen on Discovery channel).

However if it doesn't work for you, keep the cup as the duty "Herpes cup" for all those special visitors you really hate!! :twisted:
jarrod248 said:
Bicarbonate of soda mixed with water should do it. Watered down bleach also good but rinse out well.
Fill it with Rum and Harpic; should send you clean round bend
Is it plastic or metal? Miltons will work on both, this stuff on metal. It's pretty good and you can get sachets from most outdoor shops.

Or you could sit back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia of tea that tastes like stew, soup that tastes like screech and coffee that doesn't taste of anything much.
I find a dishwasher works wonders. The black paint tends to peel off though.

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