Tastes like a Norgie! Ugh!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cuddles, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. No, not the wife but my Aladdin go-cup/thermos thing. How do you get rid of the "I can't believe its not coffee" flavour on a tea fill and the reverse on a coffee fill?

    Is there some old squaddies trick to restore "freshness" to a thermos or go-cup...bicarb, half a live toad (difficult to pull off) or vinegar or some such?

    Any reasonable suggestions considered, any unreasonable suggestions can always be passed on to people I don't really like...

    The offending item...

  2. They're only a fiver, just buy a new one.

    Fucking pikey.
  3. Forget the tea or coffee and fill it will vodka :D
  4. Cheap basteward, use it till stuff grows out of it then bin it
  5. Here you go:

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  6. Denture cleaning tablets work on Camelbacks, they might work on the flask.
  7. I've tried washing up liquid

    I am not a Pikey and so diversely opposite from them, that that is considered a declaration of war!

    vodka is a thought but not necessarily a helpful one...

    The five pounds I paid for it earlier under this gobmint is now woth £27,000

    Come on!!!
  8. What about this jonny aged 5 solution?

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  9. Forgot this one! :oops:

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  10. ask your qcms or sqms for those big bleach tablets he has for sterlising norgies.......

    Or just use your issue thermal mug, or pm me and i]I will throw you the one that has stayed in the locker for 4 years and never been used.
  11. Rinse with a water/Milton fluid solution. Either that or add a splash of Domestos to your brew.
  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    From the home brew crew: Young's brew Sterilizer and Cleaner.

    That'll do it!
  13. Sterident, the list is endless.
  14. Issue water sterilizing tablet in 100mls rather than 1L.Shake it about and rinse,job done!
  15. i have one similar in my taxi..
    you just get used to the flavour..