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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fertman, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Over the weekend the media informed us that a 64 year old man with severe learning difficulties in Greater Manchester died having been provoked by a teenager. Whilst I in no way condone the crime.....er 64 ? Learning difficulties?????? What has happened to our language? The bloke was a mental retard, why can't we say that? Might offend him? Kind of unlikely considering his rather uncommunicative life condition currently. Might offend people of a similar ilk? Kind of unlikely too considering they tend to inhabit another planet viz the mental sphere of things. PC, dontcha just love it?
  2. How disappointing, I thought this was a bukakke thread.
  3. One of those things that pisses me off. They apply the "learning difficulties" tag to all varieties of mongism. I mean, Downs FFS? Learning difficulties is a kiddy being a bit slow on the uptake while learning to read or what have you (ie a bit thick), not licking the windows shouting MLARRRRRRR and looking like a shaved orangutan that's had a stroke.

    P.S the title did lead me astray too :(
  4. :D

  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Things used to be easier (if not quite as fair...). This from Wikipedia on Dr Henry H Goddard:

    "From 1906 to 1918 Goddard was the Director of Research at the Vineland Training School for Feeble-Minded Girls and Boys in Vineland, New Jersey, which was the first known laboratory established to study mental retardation. While there, he is quoted as stating that "democracy means that the people rule by selecting the wisest, most intelligent and most human to tell them what to do to be happy."[citation needed]

    At the May 18, 1910 annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of the Feeble-Minded, Goddard proposed definitions for a system for classifying individuals with mental retardation based on intelligence quotient (IQ). Goddard used the terms moron for those with an IQ of 51-70, imbecile for those with an IQ of 26-50, and idiot for those with an IQ of 0-25 for categories of increasing impairment. This nomenclature was the standard of the field for decades. A moron, by his definition, was any person with mental age between eight and twelve. Morons, according to Goddard, were unfit for society and should be removed from society either through institutionalization, sterilization, or both."

    I do like the idea of a 'school for the feeble-minded'. Nowadays we seem to put these benighted people into Parliament, so we've obviously advanced over the years.
  6. From what I heard on the radio he had a speech impediment and difficulty walking which makes him sound more cerebral palsy (spastic) than mentally 'challenged' anyway.
    I agree, learning difficulties in my book means a bit slow not full-on ESN
  7. Learning Difficulties or Special Educational Needs (SEN) is one of those "ooooh so THAT'S why ..." things. It covers everything these days - whether "needs a bit of a hand" to severely autistic and everything in between. There's so many different needs that people can have these days, I wonder what we did before we invented this jargon.

    Still, doesn't excuse this behaviour.
  8. Just read a report about the little cnut ( apparently only one of several responsible) who got arrested over this....included some messages from his Facebook page.....now that's what I call REAL severe learning difficulties....and him and his mates singling out an old bloke for being subnormal....bit of the pot calling the kettle black here, I think.
  9. I just say thick cnut avoid all possible bollocks. Learning difficulties - what like he was too fcuking stupid to go to school or something.
  10. So this inst a thread about Steaks :(
  11. You can group 'learning difficulties' with ADHD or hyperactive, with reads annoying little bastard without any discipline, or the classic 'I'm not fat it's me thyroid/genes'.